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August 1, 2022

What is Customer Acquisition and Why is it Important for an Engineering Firm?

Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is the process of attracting new customers or clients to your engineering firm. It encompasses the whole buyer’s journey, from the new lead to a full-on paying customer. The targets for this acquisition process are those people who aren’t aware of your products and those who have previously bought from your competitors. Firms should be prepared to budget a substantial sum for customer acquisition and retention, as both are extremely important. Typically, the cost of customer acquisition is factored into the value customers provide to your engineering company. The whole process may take a long time, depending on your particular product or service. Regardless of the timeline, your strategy should facilitate the stages of attracting, converting, closing, and retaining consumers.

Customer acquisition process 

Customer acquisitionA well-planned customer acquisition process can enhance the profitability of your engineering business while keeping expenses low.

1. Define the target prospects

The first step in the acquisition process is to determine who your prospective or targeted customers are. That may require that you carry out surveys, distribute emails, focus on analytics tools, or find other ways to research your market. Your ideal customers are usually those who already have an interest in your market segment and those who already use similar products from your competitors.

2. Determine how to reach your target customers

Find out how to reach the target customers once you’ve decided who they are. Every demographic response differently to marketing tactics. Your target base may be most influenced by email campaigns or by social media snippets. Careful research into their habits can help you keep them happy and avoid the tactics that would turn them off.

3. Hire the right staff

Customer acquisition requires commitment and diligence. You should hire personnel who know how to make it work. Find marketers that are willing and able to take on the responsibilities they’re assigned. All business can be volatile, so both you and your staff should expect unforeseen challenges. The same applies to your support team. They should be able to respond swiftly to customers’ concerns.

4. Define customer acquisition cost

Customer acquisition is not cheap, so it is important to estimate the cost before starting, plus, customer spending isn’t always proportional to your marketing expenditures. For a given time frame, the per-head expense is often estimated as the total acquisition cost (sales and marketing costs) divided by the total number of new customers acquired. This cost is a key factor in determining customer value. Firms expect a return on investment with this acquisition process. The main goal is to maximize that return.

5. Create demand for your product

Big brands don’t have trouble acquiring new customers because most people are already aware of them. It’s startups and small firms that find this task the most challenging. You need to make your firm stand out to get noticed in the market. Create demand for your product using exclusive marketing strategies and providing value to your customers.

Benefits of customer acquisition to your engineering firm

Here are ways customer acquisition can benefit your engineering firm.

1. Helps businesses increase sales

Customer acquisitionThe overall point of attracting new customers is to boost product sales. This drive for profits is the reason advertisements are so ubiquitous. A business that makes no profits will soon cease to be a business. New customers help your firm improve and expand.

2. Increases brand awareness

One of the main purposes of advertising is to promote brand awareness and recognition. For instance, if your brand is popular in one market, you can focus your ads on another. The efforts involved in marketing your product and promoting it to new customers will help establish the brand in those new markets and ultimately increase sales. Brand awareness is a sign of your market penetration – complete success will make you the dominant force in your segment. Successful awareness campaigns also enhance brand perception within the target market and enable you to collect data on your customers.  You’ll need to acquire more customers through various advertising methods to make your brand awareness initiative effective.

3. It helps maintain a business

Businesses can and do lose customers. They may switch to competitors, change product types, or just shift focus to something completely different. You must acquire new customers at a similar rate or risk going under. That means monitoring your customer base closely and putting in whatever work is necessary to keep those numbers sustainable. Better still is to consistently increase your overall customer count. That ensures you won’t fall into the red purely due to customer outflow. This is one of the secrets to long-lasting businesses.

4. New customers help you improve your product line 

In addition to profits and sales, new customers help your business improve. They always contribute to the success of your business in one way or another, whether through purchases, feedback, suggestions, or reviews. Without the customer influx, your firm may stagnate or even shut down.  Customers will tell you how well your business is performing; they will point out problems and provide crucial information from various competitors that will help you develop or manage your business more efficiently. Companies regularly develop new products based on suggestions from customers. If your company can attract new customers, you automatically gain some of their insight.

5. New customers help expand your business

What happens if you have more new clients than you can manage? Do you try to drive them away or expand your business? Obviously, you expand your company. One of the benefits of new customer acquisition is that they help your business progress to the next level. For instance, if your firm was producing 1000 spark plugs daily and then received more orders than it could fill, you’ll have the impetus to increase production. As a result, you end up with a larger firm than you started with. Even the biggest businesses started out small; at some point, they were simply forced to expand to meet increasing demand. Though the growth can be painful in the short term, try to remember that it is a net positive.

Grow your customer base

The main goal of customer acquisition is to boost your sales numbers and profits. More buyers naturally mean more sales. That profit gain can then enable further growth and innovation within your firm. If you are new to any business and want to expand, begin by acquiring new customers. Drop us a line today if you need help writing engineering content that will attract those customers.

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