Writing a White paper ?

We can help. If you’re not sure how to write an engineering white paper, or simply don’t have time, our professional writing team have you covered. Our team of engineering writers, researchers and editors craft technical, and engineering white papers that showcase your authority while positioning your firm as the industry experts.

White Paper Pricing

Regular White Paper

3000 Words

2375 $

Long White Paper

5000 Words

3575 $

Client Interview ( 45 min )* 175 $

Each White Paper Includes...

  • Initial briefing call (if required)
  • White paper scope prepared for approval before writing
  • Further topic research and writing by our engineering writers
  • Professional copy editing and proofreading
  • All sources and references cited and listed
  • Copyscape plagiarism check
  • Relevant graphs / stats / diagrams linked to
  • Deliverable: Google Docs or MS Word
  • Note: Does not include graphic design
  • Optional: Extra 45min interview with your end client / joint stakeholder

White Paper Facts

What is a typical format for a white paper?

A technical white paper is an authoritative, in-depth report on a topic, that discusses an issue or problem and presents a solution by your firm. (Perfect for highlighting your area of expertise.)

  • Factual, formal and very professional tone
  • Usually 3000+ words in length
  • Includes executive summary, contents page and references
  • Can be anywhere between 6 or 8 pages in length to 30 or 40 if needed
  • Final product should include illustrations, graphs, stats, and great graphics

What engineering white papers can do for your firm ?

An engineering white paper can educate readers on your products by dissecting common technical problems in the field and presenting solutions. So, it’s important that when they’re searching for solutions that your business is front of mind.

By publishing engineering or technical white papers that offer suggestions for their problems, they will come to you as an authority when they need a solution for their own business.

And when it comes to powerful marketing strategies, white papers are more than a document. They’re an asset. They are commonly used as lead magnets, where readers must leave their email address at a minimum, to gain access. It’s the ideal mechanism for a reader to exchange their email address for your information.

Writing business White Paper is easy with us...

Engineering topics are often complex in nature. But our in-house resources can simplify the technical, and translate it into a professional engineering white paper for your firm.

All our writers have engineering backgrounds and can use their technical expertise to carry out in-depth research and writing with your target audience in mind. And we can carry out any client or Subject Matter Expert (SME) interviews if needed. This leaves you more time to focus on projects and less time on content creation.

4 reasons to choose us for Whitepaper

Stand out from the masses.

Publishing a technical white paper will position your business as an authority and expert on the subject in hand.

Generate Leads.

White papers are great for building email lists and are a time-tested method to convert cold traffic into hot leads.

Builds Trust.

A white paper can bring readers around to your way of thinking, while building trust among your target audience.

We make writing a business white paper easy

All our writers have engineering backgrounds and can use their technical expertise to carry out in-depth research and writing with your target audience in mind