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Not all content writers are equal. At Engineering Copywriter, our team of writers are qualified engineers. We use a proven 3-step process to create content that speaks directly to your
engineering audience — saving you hours of headaches along the way.

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    for engineering companies,
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    Whether you need informative engineering blog posts, more complex technical writing, or you struggle to convert engineering jargon into sales and marketing content, we can help. Engineering Copywriter’s expert team of writers, who are all engineers, can craft content that informs, educates and generates new leads for your business. Learn more about us here.

    We Transform ‘Engineering Talk’ Into Lead-Generating Content for Your Business

    As a marketer, should you really be expected to have the expertise to write technical content that targets a professional-level engineering audience? We understand how big a challenge that can be (even if your boss doesn’t!).

    Let us help you. It should go without saying that our writers are great at writing, but just as importantly, they’re also engineers. So, when it comes to technical writing and content for your industrial marketing, not only can we understand your company’s products and services, but we’ll write in a way your audience understand too.

    Services We Offer

    Who We Help

    We offer premium content and technical writing products across all engineering sectors. Because our writers have engineering backgrounds, we have the right cross-section of talent to offer you the highest-quality content from people who know what they’re talking about. Some of our key focus areas include:

    Mechanical Engineering


    Industrial Engineering

    Materials Engineering

    Civil Engineering and

    Automotive & Aerospace

    Chemical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering

    Do These Common Content Problems
    Sound Familiar to You?

    Engineering buy-in

    As a marketer you’re reliant on engineers for technical knowledge, but sometimes they’re not forthcoming with the information you need, or are simply too busy!

    Complex topics

    Even if you and your engineering department get along great, you may not have technical writing experience, so writing for engineers can be difficult.

    Lack of time

    Keyword research, title ideation, topic research, and especially the writing, copy-editing, and proofreading process can take up a serious amount of your valuable time.

    Team resources

    If your industrial marketing team is busy doing a thousand and one tasks, content creation can get pushed aside (often because nobody really wants to do it!).

    Static web-traffic

    Website traffic can become stagnant if you’re not posting fresh content on a regular basis. Less traffic usually equates to fewer potential customers.

    No sales leads

    The sales team is on your back day after day asking where the leads are. If you’re not bringing in new enquiries, that weekly meeting isn’t going to be fun!

    Managing freelancers

    We love freelance writers – We really do. But it can be hard to find a good one, and even if you do, it can be a real headache to manage them and their individual styles.

    Overwhelming content

    Writing for engineers is difficult, especially when you’re not an engineer yourself. Even something as “simple” as learning what topics to write about can quickly become overwhelming.

    Why Engineering Copywriter is your only Choice when you need technical writing and content

    Your one-stop solution for all things technical content.

    We can handle your content creation, to include blogs, website copy, whitepapers, case studies, technical writing for brochures, and more.

    Funnels your ideal customers to your website.

    Our regular content will help to drive more traffic to your website over time, and help you build trust and authority within your niche.

    Team of experts you can rely on.

    Our team of writers are all engineers, so we can understand your company’s products and services with ease, regardless of complexity.

    Quality checks.

    All your content goes through several quality checks via technical proofreaders, editors and project managers for that extra layer of certainty and reassurance.

    The best of both worlds… technical and creative writing.

    Our writers have experience with technical writing as well as creative writing. We can find the right balance to make difficult topics easy for your customers to understand.

    Generates more clicks with proper keyword analysis.

    If you need someone to handle keyword research, we have the right experience. You don’t need to worry about coming up with titles either – we can handle that.

    Search engine friendly content.

    Your website lives and dies by the whims of the algorithm gods. We’ll ensure your blog posts are all SEO-ready, in order to keep the search engines happy and rank higher in the results.

    Proven Results.

    We’ve worked with many clients just like you in the engineering sector who have seen positive results from content we’ve produced. Have a look for yourself….

    Our Satisfaction Guarantee

    100% content satisfaction guarantee. When you partner with Engineering Copywriter, you’ll never have to take chances with content. If you don’t absolutely love our work, we will rewrite it until you do.

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    If you need blogs, content, or expert technical writing for your engineering business…..
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