Website Copywriting For Engineering Firms

When you need professional website copy for your firm, speak to the experts.

Words and content matter. It can mean the difference between people leaving an enquiry or people leaving your website altogether. Our engineering writers craft copy that transforms browsers into buyers.

Writing for an engineering audience is no easy task. It takes planning, research, and skill to translate technical jargon into reader-friendly copy.

But this is where Engineering Copywriter can help. We specialise in writing for engineers. And our team are qualified engineers themselves, so they understand how to translate engineering talk into copy that educates, informs and inspires your audience.

5 reasons you need attention-grabbing website copy for engineers

  • Stand out from the masses.

Professionally-written website copy will speak directly to your engineering audience and help you stand out from the crowd.

  • First impressions count.

Great web copy makes the right first impression and helps customers form a positive opinion of your engineering services and products.

  • Simplify the complex.

Quality website copywriting will help make it easier for your audience to understand even the most complex products or services.

  • Guide your reader.

Your copy will help the reader understand the benefits of choosing to work with you as you guide them through the buying process.

  • It’s the words that sell.

Ultimately, great website copy will help to improve your conversion rates and clicks on your calls to action.

Don’t risk your content with just any website copywriter

  • Website copywriting for engineering can be extremely difficult if the writer isn’t familiar with the subject matter or target audience.
  • Crafting professional and engaging technical web copy is time consuming. Many businesses just don’t have the know-how to review web copy intended for sales and lead generation.

Large website copywriting requires project management and significant organizational skills. A copywriter without a team of content planners, editors, and proofreaders might struggle to stay on track and meet your deadlines.

Why Engineering Copywriter is your best choice for website copywriting

Our writers all have engineering experience, we know how to write about even the most technical and complex topics in a way that will make sense to your readers.

When it comes to selling your engineering products and services, our copywriting style guides readers through your website and encourages them to take action. What’s more, with our help you will:

  • Free up time and resources, allowing you to focus your man-hours on other priorities that your team is best suited for.
  • Get a fresh perspective from an engineering team outside of your organization.
  • Be assigned a dedicated team consisting of a PM, writer, and technical proofreader focused on your project to make sure it stays on track.
  • Benefit from our clear and regular communication to keep you updated.
  • Reap the benefits of the experience we’ve gained from many other projects just like yours.
Image showing our content planner for a large website copywriting project in the Aerospace industry:

Our Project Manager will collaborate, organise, schedule and submit your content in a timely manner.

Our 3-step process for
creating website copy for engineers

Step 1

We begin with an in-depth discussion about your current challenges and future business goals.

Step 2

We discuss the proposed webpages, layout and scope, and then we set up a collaborative planner, managed by our team.

Step 3

We write, proofread, quality check and submit for your review – then work with you on any feedback and refinements.

Website Copywriting FAQs

A. Our writers, and proofreaders, have various engineering qualifications and hands-on industry experience across different sectors. They combine their love for writing with their engineering know-how to create amazing content. Our team works remotely from various locations.

A. We have experience writing for many sectors in the engineering industry. We research your business products and services in detail, as well as getting to know your tone and style. You can see samples of our work here.

A. You do. Once all payments are received and final work approved, you own the content.

A.For website copywriting projects, we require a 50% deposit. Deposits and final balances can be paid via Paypal, credit card or direct bank transfer. Due to the bespoke nature of website projects, it is out only product we quote on a per project basis, and therefore we can provide invoices.

A. Yes. Website content writing for engineers requires substantial commitment, time and resources. We only schedule a project after 50% payment is received.

A. Our Website copywriting for engineers requires substantial input. We will need you to provide us with specifications and briefs for each of your web pages. We will do the heavy lifting when it comes to the writing, but an open line of communication is key when we’re working through a website copywriting project.

A. We’ll set up a website copywriting planner on Google Sheets to accommodate the briefs. Our Project manager will manage this on our end and assign work to our writer(s) and proofreader(s), then submit each page to you. You will receive a separate Google Doc with the content for each page.

A.No. Our expertise and focus is engineering content writing only. We do not have the resources or skills in-house to produce graphics or websites.

A.No problem, we can revise it until you’re satisfied. It’s one of our guarantees.

A. Yes. We require any revision requests within 5 working days of submissions for website copywriting projects, otherwise content is considered approved.

A. Simply use the ‘suggesting’ option in Google Docs (see here) to mark up the document with your comments or suggestions. Let us know when you’re done, and we’ll take a look.

A.We prioritise minor revisions as soon as possible for website copywriting projects. For substantial revisions across multiple pages, we will schedule those within 48 hrs and will communicate a timeline with you.