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When it comes to the words that market your firm, writing for engineers can’t be left to just anyone.
Our team of engineering writers and technical proofreaders craft content that engages, informs and speaks directly to your target audience. Meet our engineering writers below, and hover over names to learn some more.

Dean_tech content writers_Founder



B.Eng Mechanical Engineering
Experience: 12+ years

Founder of Engineering Copywriter, Dean has a passion for manufacturing, med-tech, SaaS, and business. His industry experience includes roles with global brands such as Caterpillar, Hyster-Yale, B/E Aerospace, Autodesk, and Salesforce.

Marvi_Tech Content Writers_Team



B.S. Industrial Engineering
Experience: 6+ years

Marvi, our Senior Project Manager and customer liaison, ensures top-notch content production and project efficiency. Experienced in manufacturing, supply chain, QMS, OHSAS, and EHS.

Georgia_Tech Content Writers_Team



B.S. Accountancy
Experience: 11+ years

Georgia is our accountant and point of contact for all billing and invoicing. In addition to an accounting degree, and having a sharp eye for numbers, Georgia has a keen interest in manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics.

Shaun_Tech Content Writers



B.Eng Mechanical Engineering
Experience: 7+ years

Shaun has been an engineering and tech content writer with us for over 4 years and brings extensive experience in manufacturing, 3D printing, machine design, polyurethane manufacturing, and operations & maintenance.

Alex_Tech Content Writers



M.Sc Systems Engineering
Experience: 10+ years

Alex, a key team member for nearly 5 years, excels in creating high-quality content on industrial manufacturing, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud and edge computing.

Roy_Tech Content Writers



B.Sc Chemical Engineering
Experience: 13+ Years

Roy has been part of our engineering writer team for over 2 years now, and has a background in Chemical Engineering. His industrial experience and interests includes the fields of materials compatibility, 3D printing, and renewable energy.

John_Tech Content Writers



B.Eng Civil Engineering
Experience: 5+ Years

John is our in-house Civil Engineer. With over 5+ years in the industry, John has a wealth of knowledge in construction planning, environmental modelling, building and architecture. John also has a keen interest in manufacturing and production. 



M.Eng Electronic and Computer Engineering
Experience: 6+ Years

Nicojan comes to our tech writing team with experience in Electronics and Computer Engineering. His areas of expertise are Software Development, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity, Electronics, and Agritech.

Leandri_Tech Content Writers



B.Eng + M.Eng Chemical Engineering
Experience: 6+ Years

Leandri, a highly qualified Chemical Engineer, plays an important role in our engineering writing team. Her industry experience makes her adept at covering topics such as 3D printing, fuel cells, electrochemistry, water purification, and energy generation with expertise and depth.

Jack_Tech Content Writers



B.Eng Mechanical Engineering with Composites
Experience: 3+ Years

Jack brings Mechanical Engineering and Composites skills to our content writing team. He has deep knowledge in mechanical design, materials, and composites as well as interests in resin infusion systems, and the aerospace industry in particular. 



B.Sc Computer Science with Engineering
Experience: 8+ Years

Victor has been a tech content writer with us for over 3 years. In line with his Computer Science and Engineering degree, his expertise include automotive technology, AI, SaaS, cloud computing and cybersecurity, and tech. 

Ryan_Tech Content Writers



B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Experience: 5+ Years

Ryan has been with our technical writing agency for over 3 years. His experience spans process engineering, bulk material handling / material transfer, plastics manufacturing and 3D printing. 

Jon_Tech Content Writers



B.Eng Mechanical Engineering
M.E. Smart Materials and Dynamic Systems
Experience: 30+ Years

Jon is an engineering writer that produces high quality content on repeat. His extensive technical qualifications, make him adept at a vast range of topics. He’s particular enthusiastic about materials science, product engineering, and energy systems.

Brendan_Tech Content Writers



B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Experience: 12+ Years

Brendan is one of our newest team members at Engineering Copywriter, but has already impressed with his attention to detail and technical writing. He can cover a range of mechanical engineering topics, with a keen interest in 3D Printing, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Data Science.

Maurice_Tech Content Writers



B.Eng Mechanical Engineering
Experience: 10+ years

Maurice was our first ever technical proofreader at Engineering Copywriter, and has been with us since 2017. An engineer turned wordsmith, Maurices has an impeccable eye for spelling and grammar, ensuring your content is approved to the highest standards. 

Carilee_Tech Content Writers



BS Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
Experience: 40+ Years

Carille is another of our technical proofreaders, with extensive hands on industrial experience in materials development, stainless steels, metal fatigue, statistical process control, sensor technologies, automotive technologies, and control systems.

Justin_Tech Content Writers



BS Mechanical Engineering
Experience: 3+ years

Justin has experience teaching english, in addition to his Engineering degree, making him the perfect technical proofreader. He has interests in materials science, aerospace technologies, and human factors engineering

How we Work Together With You

Turning Precision into Impact with Expert Tech Content Writers. At Engineering Copywriter, we elevate the craft of writing for engineers by focusing on impactful and precise content creation. Our team of expert tech content writers follows a rigorous process, ensuring the delivery of exceptional technical content. As a premier technical writing agency, our dedication to accuracy and effectiveness sets us apart. Explore how our content writing services not only convey information but also inspire action and drive remarkable results, making us leaders in the field of engineering content creation.

Step 1

Product Selection and Order

Choose your desired writing product and place an order. Our team includes expert engineering writers and technical proofreaders.

Step 2

Content Planner Setup

Our project manager, experienced in engineering writing, sets up a joint content planner with you for efficient communication and tracking.

Step 3

Upload Writing Briefs

You begin uploading briefs using our template. Our project manager provides guidance to capture critical project details accurately.

Step 4

Production Scheduling

The project manager carefully selects a qualified engineering writer and optimizes the production schedule to meet deadlines.

Step 5

Initial Quality Check

The assigned writer submits the initial draft, and the project manager conducts an initial check to ensure accuracy inline with the brief.

Step 6

Technical Proofreading

A meticulous technical proofreader ensures flawless content, including checking details, spelling, and grammar.


Review, Feedback, and Finalization

The project manager reviews any proofreader feedback, coordinates with the writer to address queries, and finalizes your content.

Step 8

Final Approval

After review and any revisions, the document undergoes a final approval check.

Step 9

Article Submission

The approved article is submitted to you and added to the collaborative planner for reference.

7 reasons
you will love Engineering Copywriter

SEO friendly content

Our regular engineering content will help to drive more organic SEO traffic to your website, and help build trust and authority in your niche.

Single & Clear Communication

Communicate with one dedicated account manager, regardless of your order size.Clear, prompt, and transparent communication.

Increase organic traffic

Our writers have experience with technical writing as well as creative writing. We can find the right balance to make difficult topics easy for your customers to understand.

Quality Check

All your content goes through several quality checks with our technical proofreaders, editors and project managers for that extra layer of certainty and reassurance.

Team of experts you can rely on

Our team of tech content writers are all engineers, so we can understand your company’s products and services with ease, regardless of complexity.

Generates more clicks...

If you need someone to handle keyword research, we can do that, as well as help you come up with titles that will resonate with your target market..

Unlimited revisions, until you're happy

Once proofread, a final quality check is carried out before we submit the piece to you. You request any necessary alterations, and we will revise until you’re happy.