Engineering Case study Writing

Are you looking to promote your engineering firm’s capabilities? Then an educational case study is an effective tool to market your results and promote your brand. Our case study writing will showcase your firm’s experience and expertise, without the hard sell.

On Off Orders for Case Study

Regular Case Study

700 Words

575 $

Long Case Study

1200 Words

775 $

Client Interview ( 45 min )* 175 $

Each Case Study Includes...

  • Pre-interview research and question preparation
  • Interview scheduling with your client
  • 1 x 45-minute telephone interview with your client (recorded with permission)
  • Further topic research and writing by our engineering writers
  • Professional copy editing and proofreading
  • Word count usually varies between 700-1200 words depending on information available from the interview (our focus is on the quality of the content)
  • Sources and references cited and listed where relevant
  • Copyscape plagiarism check
  • If you or your client provide any relevant images, we will advise on placement
  • We will highlight quotations that may help with your marketing
  • Deliverable: Google Docs or MS Word
  • Note: Does not include graphic design

Some Facts about Case Study

What is a Engineering Case study ?

We create concise, impactful case studies highlighting client success stories. Our expert team crafts insightful stories showcasing how our engineering products/services deliver credible results

  • Tell a story that resonates with a problem your target audience has
  • Provides facts, data and stats to back up the story with evidence
  • Pitches you as the solution provider in a subtle and informative way

How long should a case study be?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this. A case study in engineering can range from 400-500 words, while more complex and detailed projects can run as high as 1,500 words.

No matter what project you want to highlight, we can guide you on the ideal length and depth your case study needs to ensure it promotes your firm in the best light.

Don’t sell yourself short. 79% of company directors make a purchasing decision based off your case study

Source: Demand Gen Report – which polled roughly 170 C-, VP- and Director-level B2B marketing representatives across multiple verticals

How we can help you ?

Whether you need a civil engineering case study or an industrial engineering case study, we can help. Our team has the know-how and industry experience to create fantastic case studies for your business.

All our writers have engineering backgrounds and can use their technical expertise to carry out in-depth research and writing with your target audience in mind. We can also carry out Subject Matter Expert (SME) interviews and help to make complex topics easy to understand.

4 reasons to choose us for Case-Study

Simplify complex matters

We can create Case studies in a perfect way to present a complex engineering solution in an easy to digest format, explaining how you helped a customer solve a problem

Provide confidence.

Written in the right way, an engineering case study will resonate with potential customers and build trust in your products and services

Build authority.

We will help you to presents how your business helps real world clients will most certainly help you build authority

Show, don’t tell.

People love social proof. In fact, in today’s world, people trust other people more than they trust your business initially, and case study in engineering is the ideal way to showcase this.