Engineering Case Study Writing

Our case study writing will showcase your firm’s experience and expertise, without the hard sell.

Are you looking to promote your engineering firm’s capabilities? Then an educational case study is an effective tool to market your results and promote your brand.

A case study tells of a success story from one of your clients, that is presented in a way that clearly shows how your engineering products or services produced credible results. Our team of researchers, engineering writers and editors craft insightful case studies which:

  1. Tell a story that resonates with a problem your target audience has
  2. Provides facts, data and stats to back up the story with evidence
  3. Pitches you as the solution provider in a subtle and informative way

How long should a case study be?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this. A case study in engineering can range from 400-500 words, while more complex and detailed projects can run as high as 1,500 words.

No matter what project you want to highlight, we can guide you on the ideal length and depth your case study needs to ensure it promotes your firm in the best light.

Image showing how important case studies are today when it comes to buying decisions.

Don’t sell yourself short. 79% of company directors make a purchasing decision based off your case study

Source: Demand Gen Report – which polled roughly 170 C-, VP- and Director-level B2B marketing representatives across multiple verticals

4 reasons your engineering firm needs case studies

  • Simplify complex matters.

Case studies are the perfect way to present a complex engineering solution in an easy to digest format, explaining how you helped a customer solve a problem

  • Build authority.

An engineering case study that presents how your business helps real world clients will most certainly help you build authority

  • Instill confidence.

Written in the right way, an engineering case study will resonate with potential customers and build trust in your products and services

  • Show, don’t tell.

People love social proof. In fact, in today’s world, people trust other people more than they trust your business initially, and case study in engineering is the ideal way to showcase this.

How can Engineering Copywriter help

Whether you need a civil engineering case study or an industrial engineering case study, we can help. Our team has the know-how and industry experience to create fantastic case studies for your business.

All our writers have engineering backgrounds and can use their technical expertise to carry out in-depth research and writing with your target audience in mind. We can also carry out Subject Matter Expert (SME) interviews and help to make complex topics easy to understand.

How does our 3-step case study
writing process work

Step 1

An initial briefing call to discuss your case study goals and get an overview of the project you want to promote

Step 2

A member of our professional team will interview your client, or an internal SME, to go over more specific details for the case study

Step 3

Our engineering writer will craft the case study, then we’ll run it through our technical editor and carry out quality checks before submitting to you

Make the right choice. Get in touch today and
discover how we can help with your next engineering case study.

Case Study FAQs

A. Our writers, and proofreaders, have various engineering qualifications and hands-on industry experience across different sectors. They combine their love for writing with their engineering know-how to create amazing content. Our team works remotely from various locations.

A. We have experience writing engineering case studies for many sectors in the industry. We research your business products and services in detail, as well as getting to know your tone and style to make sure any engineering case study matches your business brand. You can see samples of our work here.

A. You do. Once all payments are received and final work approved, you own the content.

A.We accept Card Payments and PayPal via our order page. You can find out more about our product pricing here.

A. Yes. Creating an engineering case study requires substantial commitment, time and resources. We only schedule any initial interviews for a case study after payment is received.

A. We need your initial input to understand what you want to achieve with your engineering case study, as well as the background story. We may require a further in-depth call with you, though usually an interview happens with your client. Once research and writing has taken place, you will require some time to review the work and provide feedback.

A. Google Docs. We will send you a link to the doc that includes the content.

A.No. Our expertise and focus is engineering content writing only. We do not have the resources or skills in-house to produce graphics.

A. No problem, we can revise it until you’re satisfied. It’s one of our guarantees.

A. Yes. We require any revision requests within 5 working days of submission, otherwise content is considered approved.

A. Simply use the ‘suggesting’ option in Google Docs (see here) to mark up the document with your comments or suggestions. Let us know when you’re done, and we’ll take a look.

A.That depends on the extent of revision requests and our capacity at the time. We prioritise minor revisions as soon as possible. For any more time consuming revisions, we schedule rework to start within 48 hrs and will communicate a timeline with you.