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August 3, 2022

How to Boost Social Sharing for Your Engineering Blog?

Social Sharing

Social sharing involves sharing website content on social media networks. Customers learn about your products or services through more than just your website; social media feeds can work wonders for your marketing team. Your engineering firm will enjoy numerous benefits from sharing content on social media. You may find that social media outlet:

  •      –  Provide excellent resources, news, and ideas to establish your brand as an engineering authority.
  •      –  Increase your social visibility within a community to help prospective customers notice you.
  •      –  Help you share content that gets attention and encourages people to engage with you.
  •      –  Help to build reputation, trust, and loyalty for your brand
  •      –  Make it easy to find new followers, customers, and partners.

Read on to learn how to boost social sharing for your engineering blog.

Marketers as Engineers

1. Understand which platform best suits your content type

Social SharingWhen it comes to sharing your engineering content, the first and most important step is to figure out which platform is best for you. Each social media source appeals to different demographics. Some users want visual content while others expect to read. You don’t want to post extensive text-only posts on photo-sharing networks like Instagram and Pinterest, but that may play well with Facebook and LinkedIn users. Pay attention to users’ expectations; you won’t get the necessary views or shares otherwise.

2. Share when your target audience is most active

There’s more to social media than formatting, of course. It’s important to post your content at the times of day when your target audience is most likely to be browsing. This is still an important factor even if you operate in multiple countries. If you want to attract followers, you have to remember that your Chinese subscribers will probably be asleep when your American subscribers are most active. Sometimes, you may have to get creative.

If you don’t take timing into account, your posts will likely get buried below newer updates. Not everyone will bother scrolling down to older posts. Your best friends in the timing department will be your social marketing and content managing tools. These software aides help you organize content and share it across multiple channels on the schedule you choose. Sometimes that means you’ll be sharing the same post twice in different time zones and/or in different languages.

3. Always ask your audience to share your content

You’re probably familiar with this tactic among Youtubers. That platform’s most proven strategy is to ask viewers to like, share, and subscribe to their channel. Similar techniques can apply to other outlets. Not all visitors instinctively share after reading, so it doesn’t hurt to remind them. You might be surprised how big of a boost this social sharing trick can give your engineering blog.

4. Always add social media buttons

Social SharingAdd social media buttons to your blog posts to make it easier for readers to share your writing. You want buttons that are large and prominent enough for visitors to find them without searching.

Another similar tool is a highlight-to-share feature. Readers can highlight an excerpt and share that directly on their social media. Again, all the buttons for that tool must be easy to find.

5. Ask for feedback, reviews, and suggestions

Potential customers are more likely to interact with you if they have some incentive to do so. Though free gifts are great incentives, they’re not always practical. Try simply asking for their opinions instead. Customers like to know when their voices have been heard and their ideas valued. Don’t leave it up to them to search out ways to contact you – you can actively ask for their opinions. Add feedback forms, polls, and surveys to your newsletters or social posts. Keep the content focused on your product, content, or website. And once you’ve gathered the feedback, act on it! Your followers will see things change for the better and gain a better impression of your business.

6. Post customers’ reviews

A good way to employ the feedback you receive is simply to make it public. Consider highlighting especially good reviews on your site or as quotes in your writing. This will reinforce the fact that you hear your customers’ opinions and creates an air of transparency. Good reviews act as free advertisements.

7. Interview industry experts

Sometimes you can put a lot of effort into your blog and share plenty of content but still not get the feedback you want. Try publishing content from popular voices who already have large followings. Posting interviews with industry experts on your website is one of the most efficient strategies for getting shares. Contact an engineering influencer for an interview. Posts with well-known names will receive many more shares than similar writing that lacks name recognition.

8. Use social media management tools

It’s best not to try and manage all your social media on your own. You’ll either end up wasting a lot of time or get overwhelmed. Find a good social media tool that can help out with time-consuming aspects like posting to a schedule, managing your content calendar, etc. Social media managers like Zoho, Sprout Social, CoSchedule, Buffer, Hootsweet, and others help you automate the process and delegate tasks to the appropriate team member.

Effective social media marketing

It’s easy to get tunnel vision and focus only on making your content interesting. But the task of getting followers to share it is also critical to your content marketing efforts. Social media marketing makes your engineering content more visible and boosts awareness of your brand. You’ll effectively be advertising to new customers every day. Contact us today if you need help creating engineering content that will fit into your social sharing plan.

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