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February 11, 2022

What is Brand Voice and Why is it Important?

Brand Voice

A brand voice is a manner in which a firm communicates its fundamental values and philosophies, as well as how it engages with customers. It aids firms in standing out, establishing a market position, and presenting their corporate identity to the world

Brands must be recognized to build strong connections with their target market. This could influence the target market (example engineers) via the style and attributes of its brand. Engineers can get to know or appreciate a firm better if it has a distinct and compelling brand voice.

Importance of a brand voice

1. Recognition

Brand Voice Recognition Recognition is among the most important quality of an excellent brand voice. It allows people to easily identify a brand at once.

An engineering firm doesn’t need to depend entirely on trademarks and images to create an impression with a great brand voice. They can adopt a much more deliberate commitment to the quality and context of the messages that are sent across to their readers. 

Brand recognition can be built by:

  •      –   Constant display of brand name and logo
  •      –   Telling a good story
  •      –   Sharing and creating consistent content
  •      –   Interacting and engaging with customers


When executed reliably, the brand becomes memorable. The act of fostering this awareness, however, entails both persistence and constancy.

2. Trust

Another significant advantage of creating a brand voice is the ability to gain trust. According to one survey, common values were cited by  77% of customers as a major factor for trusting a firm.

Investing time developing a trustworthy brand voice is indeed an excellent initial step in achieving this aim. Building trust can be done by:

  •      –   Setting up your brand trust goals (loyalty, long-term cost savings, etc.)
  •      –   Reliable products and service
  •      –   Maintain brand consistency
  •      –   Authenticity through storytelling
  •      –   Consistent customer experience

3. Consistency

Content marketing is not a task that can be completed by a single individual. Usually, a strategist collaborates with a group of authors. 

Having a brand voice is indeed an excellent guide to guarantee that they all write in the same tone. This helps you keep your style coherent. 

Establishing a constant brand voice means that everything reflects your corporate identity. This includes content on your website, channels, social media pages, and even press releases. The audience will become more acquainted with your company as a result of this strategy.

When people consistently engage with your brand, your earnings increase too. According to recent studies, firms that engaged consistently experienced a 23% income gain.

Due to the obvious correlation underlying constancy and income, it’s critical to maintain uniformity all across the platforms. You’ll be in such a superior rank to retain your customer attention. You will also persuade them to connect to you if your brand has a distinct voice. Consumers are more devoted to a great brand engagement because of it.

Steps to defining your brand voice

1. Identify your primary goal

Identify Primary Goal Identifying your firm’s fundamental objective for existence is the initial stage in developing a brand voice. This should be reflected in its brand voice.

Whenever it comes to discovering your goals or objectives, a perfect way to start is with a corporate goal proposition. When you own one, you can consistently make marketing decisions based on it. This will ensure that the brand voice accurately reflects your objective to the global market.

2. Conduct a voice audit on your existing content

Examining what you’re already producing is a terrific way to gauge your content. It involves learning the type of content that customers will love. 

Several diverse authors and the absence of a clear approach can make the brand voice appear inconsistent at times. Ensure to check content samples all-around your corporation. It could range from community specialized information to company documents. 

Find the secrets of a more conscious brand voice by taking heed to the ways your customer interacts with publications. Look at the samples and decide which best describes you as a brand.

3. Survey your target market

Seeking an exterior viewpoint is some other way to characterize your brand voice. Evaluating your customers, in particular, is a fantastic way to learn how well your current content is being received. Make a quick survey that will inquire your customers on how they feel concerning your content to accomplish this.

4. Develop a brand style guide for your company

Generating a style guide is an effective method to build a cohesive brand voice. This helps regardless of whether the company is relying on a marketing agency to develop content, collaborating with a small group, or being a part of a bigger firm.

Establishing a brand style guide to which key personnel in the company is a good way to ensure that the brand voice is consistent. Anyone across the marketing team to the management would know ways to develop consistent content.

The brand style guide must include essential elements such as

  •      –   tone of voice
  •      –   image guidelines
  •      –   brand story
  •      –   logo
  •      –   color palette
  •      –   typography

5. Recognize your target market’s preferences

Brand voice

Figure 1. Engineer’s Content Consumption

Understanding your customer choices is another stage in developing a brand voice. It is critical to figure out which media platforms and mediums they use and the ways they want to interact. This research method will assist you in aligning the tone of voice of your content that will work with their preferred medium.

According to a study conducted, digital publications are the most preferred medium for engineers at 74%. It is a great practice to look at the online interactions your engineering readers are undertaking to figure out their preferences.

6. Understand how your target audience communicates online

Participating in the conversations that matter to your target audience is another terrific approach to developing your brand voice. It fosters a feeling of connection, community, and enhanced awareness for your business. 

Your information would become significantly more engaging if your customers believe it accurately reflects their concerns. In the end, this will result in more participation and profitability. 

During this stage, it’s necessary to cultivate a concept of understanding at a more basic level. You could correlate your content with discussions that appeal to your customers the most by recognizing their distinctive voices.

7. Determine your brand’s distinct tone

This stage is digging into the notion of tone, or ways you could use content to deliver information to your customers. While the brand voice itself is essentially a constant strategy that is maintained across your material, the tone may be more flexible. 

A more enthusiastic tone is much more possible if you’re introducing a new brand or promoting a prospective member of the team, for instance.

Find your brand voice

Your audience will come to fully recognize your brand as you develop a relationship through using a consistent brand voice. It’s an opportunity for company executives to exhibit their businesses’ distinct personalities while also building relationships with their target audiences. Contact us if you need help developing content with a consistent brand voice.

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