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April 5, 2021

Is Email Writing Still an Effective Marketing Strategy?

The world of 21st-Century Email writing has leveled up due to the advancement of technology. Companies and businesses of all sorts try their best to leverage the power of the internet to their advantage to reach their clientele.

Email marketing is a strategy that makes use of email to promote products and/or services among potential customers and clients like engineers. A study by the Content Marketing Institute shows that marketers primarily use email and email campaigns to nurture their audience with educational content.

As the marketing scene becomes more and more competitive, the importance of doing email marketing could be questioned. Is email writing still effective? Is it still relevant? Here are some reasons why email marketing is definitely still a worthwhile strategy:

Email marketing reaches a wide audience.

More than half of the global population uses email. The 2019 email statistics report by Radicati Group Inc., a highly successful market research firm, indicates that roughly 3.9 billion people fall into the category of active email users. In fact, these users outnumber those of social media – a community that covers 3.5 billion people worldwide. Prospects are more likely to use email than social media. Such statistics highlight how email can serve as a great platform for your marketing.

Image Source:  Radicati Group

So even people who don’t bother with online social life may still check their emails. The marketing potential is compounded when you consider the fact that those who have signed up for your newsletters and updates actively chose to get these communications from you. This is buy-in that you don’t necessarily get out of social media. Your emails then become a strategic funnel through which to sort clients that are close to buying from those that require more nurturing.

Additionally, according to a study by IEEE GlobalSpec, 43% of engineers open and at least scan through emails they receive from subscriptions. The target of your industrial marketing is indeed influenced by email strategies.

Image Source: Trew Marketing

Email marketing is cost-effective.

An easy and economical means of reaching a large number of consumers, email marketing does not demand too much in the way of resources to be done effectively. Unlike traditional marketing where printing, postage, and broadcasting can be quite costly, email marketing is far cheaper and more effective. According to the 2018 research by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), email as a marketing channel generates the highest return on investment (ROI). For every $1 spent, email marketing can generate $32 ROI.

Email distribution services are much cheaper than running social media ads as well. You might reach more people via social media but if you want a more sustainable way of continually connecting with your clients without paying for it every time you run an ad, email marketing is a cost-effective way to get in touch.


Email marketing is convenient.

Email marketing is convenient. Not only are email marketing campaigns relatively easy to set up and track, they’re also simple ways to announce events and opportunities without interrupting your clients’ time. You can set up a short email and link recipients back to your website to read the full content at their leisure. From that action alone, you will quickly see which ones are engaged.

Clients can choose to open and read an email message at the time most convenient to them. You can easily share sales promotions, company updates, loyalty programs, and free ebooks or content that your clients may find valuable.

Aside from the convenience, it offers your audience, email marketing is also convenient for industrial marketers. Most email marketing providers have professionally-designed email templates for marketers to use in their campaigns. Additionally, this software includes automation tools that allow you to send emails at predetermined and scheduled intervals.


Email marketing is customizable.

Email marketing may use customer data to create customized or personalized messages based on the preferences and buying patterns of subscribers. A carefully tailored email message that resonates with readers can provide them with something interesting and valuable.

With a wide array of formatting possibilities available from email marketing software, people can be addressed individually by name and presented with content tailored for their demographic. Customization gives you a chance to speak directly with your target clientele.

Personalized emails attract a reader’s interest and give the impression that you are talking directly to them. People want to be seen as individuals rather than merely part of a group. Therefore, receiving an email that is addressed specifically to them and dedicated to their interests has higher chances of being opened and engaged.

Email marketing is versatile.

Email marketing is versatileAs an internet marketing strategy, yes, email is still an effective tool and it is arguably more relevant than ever. Email writing integrates well with other tactics and platforms to meet and support various marketing goals and campaigns.

For instance, email marketing can go hand-in-hand with social media marketing. Adding “Like” or “Share” buttons to emails give additional ways for customers to connect with the brands they enjoy. Email can help grow social media audiences because it is a great way to promote content such that target customers can be simultaneously educated and entertained.



Email marketing is specific.

Email writing provides marketers the capability to speak directly to their target clients and plan out copywriting content over their desired timeline. It is specific and it segregates the responsive clients from unresponsive ones. Who are the clients that require more nurturing and who are the interested parties?

Email marketing forgoes much of the guesswork and gives you facts and data. It provides information to map out a strategy for each client type and makes it easier to tailor which content is most appropriate for each. This process helps marketers and salespeople understand the status of their funnel and also provides a measurable result as to the level of engagement they get from their clients.

Despite the rise of various marketing strategies, and a history dating back to the 1970s, email marketing is still as effective as ever. With proper planning and implementation, companies can derive profitable sales results from every email marketing campaign.

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