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March 29, 2021

5 Reasons Your Engineering Company Needs a Technical Blog

Blogging has long been identified as an integral part of any online content marketing strategy. Despite the proliferation of content across the internet, blogs have maintained their place among the most effective types of content for boosting a brand’s online presence. This is true for any company that maintains a technical blog.

Image:  Smart Insights

As seen in the figure above, blogging and content marketing place third among marketing tactics that produce high results, after email marketing and social media and social media advertising. 

A technical blog focuses more on its engineering readers and provides valuable information to them. It can discuss new innovations, new and developing projects, provide solutions to problems and provide much more relevant information. Here are some good reasons why you should consider establishing a technical blog for your company:



1. Drive traffic to your website.

Website traffic is a key factor in expanding your brand’s customer base. More visitors mean more opportunities for sales. But how can you drive that much-needed traffic to your website? This is where a technical blog can play an important role.

Search engines, like Google, prefer websites that produce high-quality content regularly. When you publish fresh content, the search engine will index your website and will give you plenty of opportunities to achieve higher rankings based on the quality of your content.

Additionally, blogs can incorporate keywords that will allow your posts to appear on the first page especially if it is optimized correctly. With the right strategy and implementation of SEO, your technical blog can help attract readers and increase your web traffic.

2. Help convert traffic into leads.

Help convert traffic into leadsOnce the website traffic starts coming in, you have the opportunity to create a more personal communication channel to your readers and to convert those visitors into customers. The actionable steps to do so come in many forms and can be added to every post published on your technical blog.

Below are some ways to capture leads using a technical blog:

  • Newsletter signups. Once you have planned out your content and begun to post regularly, you can put the call out to sign up for your technical blog’s newsletter. This will keep your readers updated whenever you publish a new post, so it helps keep them engaged. Newsletter signups often show up on the navigation bar, static ads, pop-ups, and sliders.
  • Calls-To-Action. Calls-To-Action (CTAs) are statements designed to get quick responses from the people reading them. They are usually used to direct prospects to the next step in the sales funnel. Most CTA phrases use verbs like register, call, subscribe, donate, buy, or download.
  • Lead magnets. A lead magnet is something valuable that you can offer prospects in exchange for their contact details. They often come in the form of ebooks, white papers, case studies, market reports, or useful templates.
  • Special promotions. While they may seem as though they’re only applicable to eCommerce, special promotions in the form of product bundles and samples can be great add-ons to your technical blog. They allow interested readers a chance to test out your products either with special discounts or as free trials.
  • Email drip courses. Email courses consist of a series of emails sent out over time that aim to educate readers. All the emails for one specific “course” should relate to the same topic. Engineering firms and industrial companies can send out one lesson after another to create a course that will interest your target readers, specifically engineers.



3. Allow your company to share its expertise.

A technical blog is a great platform from which to demonstrate your expertise to readers and potential customers. You have the opportunity to provide evidence that you, as a company, are valuable. Your content should clearly illustrate your organization’s capabilities.

Try to write articles about the latest developments and projects your engineering team is working on. Share your company’s successes and breakthroughs. As industrial marketing content creators and managers, you can take advantage of your online platform to showcase what your company is capable of and what it is gearing towards.

4. Help build brand authority.

Help build brand authority
When your technical blog offers advice, solutions, and guidance, you position yourself as an authority in your specific niche. Engineers, in particular, prefer to read content from established leaders in the industry and will value their opinion above anyone else.

This placement as an industry leader can become a handy tool for your sales team when making their pitch to various potential customers. Additionally, it makes you the go-to company for engineers who need the particular product or service that you offer, even without the need for a salesperson knocking at their door.

5. Drive long-term results.

Fully optimized articles on your technical blog can rank highly in search engines. Articles that make it to the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing can bring you lots of traffic and more opportunities to make sales even months after posting the article.

The key thing to remember is to update your posts regularly and, if possible, keep them evergreen – that is, blog posts that are not bound by time. Blog posts with years on the title often need to be visited regularly than those that do not include dates.

As you build your technical blog with high-quality content, you will attract an engaged readership and potential partnerships with other brands. Blogging is scalable and despite the results not being felt immediately, you can count on a predictable increase in traffic and leads to your business over time.

Creating regular content for a technical blog can be time-consuming, but the results you and your company can gain in the long run are well worth the effort it takes to write and publish. If you need help developing and maintaining a technical blog, contact us!

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