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February 3, 2022

Helping Your Sales Teams Leverage Your Case Studies and White Papers

White papers

White papers and case studies are two common forms of content that marketers can utilize to: 

  •     –   Promote their knowledge and creative solutions
  •     –   Highlight customer success
  •     –   Leverage their sales strategy

These contents help with a more integrated and coordinated lead creation as well as quicker sale cycles. They take a thorough look into important business challenges and present supporting illustrations with tangible results to show how a service or product adds value.

White papers are in-depth studies on specialized, mostly complex subjects that offer a major issue and remedy. They take regular blog content to a further level, delving into issues and citing academic, professional, or governmental studies as a provider of information.

Case studies, on the other hand, provide thorough explanations about how a service or product solves a problem. They communicate a problem, a circumstance, a solution, and quantitative outcomes succinctly. Case studies are helpful resources for proving the legitimacy of a product or service.

Having an understanding of the value of white papers and case studies in promoting sales is important. Here are some tips‍ to help your sales team leverage case studies and white papers.

1. Make a promotional email

Email Marketing PromotionDo you wish to increase the number of people who receive your emails?

If yes, then offer complimentary white paper access to everyone who fills out the email form on your company’s website. This boosts your company’s authority and establishes a range of relevant contacts to foster across a sales channel.

2. Make it available on your website

The white paper or case study discusses a problem in detail and attracts visitors to your official site. Do this by:

  •      –   Creating a unique landing page to customize sales pitches, track users, and collect statistics. 
  •      –   Strategically placed call-to-action (CTA) (e.g. ‘download now’ and ‘contact us’) on your website to urge visitors to obtain documents and make inquiries about your product and services.

Establishing a library of useful content could also make your site rank higher in search engines for major industry concepts and issues. Concentrate on numerous relevant topics that fit with various sections of your engineering viewers as you strive to grow your content collection while working on your SEO.

3. Equip your sales team with useful resources

Case studies or white papers are useful tools for your sales team when reaching out to new customers. These materials serve as receipts that demonstrate tangible results and give additional information to aid in decision-making. Increased data and analytics from these documents could also be incorporated into a sales pitch to emphasize your company’s prowess and worth.

4. Integrate content into your public relations approach

Public Relations ApproachWhen making PR preparations, never neglect the white papers and case studies. Because of their in-depth assessments and narratives of development and accomplishment in your business, these documents are generally appealing to trade journals. Reporters would know they could count on your organization for insight on the newest trends if you provide high-quality, valuable content in the format of white papers or case studies.

5. Social media content sponsorship

Promoting posts allows you to reach more audiences. Building a sales channel and increasing brand recognition may be as simple as strategically promoting your white paper or case study on your social media handles. You can also run ads through your LinkedIn or Facebook page using your recently completed case study or white paper to draw in potential clients.

6. Offer freebies for webinars

When you hold webinars, give attendees your relevant white papers or case studies as freebies. This helps solidify your company’s status as a leading brand by reinforcing key topics mentioned during the webinar.

Taking time to generate and disseminate white papers and case studies will aid your sales, public relations, and marketing plans in various ways. Your organization will be known for offering insightful engineering content and staying on top of significant trends within your target audience.

Why do you need case studies and white papers?

1. Provide a great deal of information

A white paper’s main purpose is to enlighten visitors on a specific topic by presenting a well-researched, statistically-driven perspective. It enables a company to showcase expertise and reliability while giving significant information to the audience, even though it is not meant for direct marketing.

Additionally, a white paper contains significantly more data and analysis than a standard article or blog. The potential to capture buyers upon initial contact is an opportunity no companies would want to miss.

2. Provides evidence

Case studies provide a significantly different purpose in digital marketing. They offer proof of a company’s efficiency and effectiveness. It describes an existing client’s issues, scenarios, and objectives as well as outlines the approach and the solution of your organization to solve the problem.

By conducting in-depth case studies of various client’s challenges, you can ensure that the examples will appeal to a large number of potential clients. Case studies convey a story that has a greater impact on a client than a mere website overview of your solutions and awards. It aids a prospect’s decision-making by providing concrete validation of the services and the products that you can offer.

3. Provides engaging and high-value articles

The more personalized and effective your material is for a specific target, the more leads you may generate. White papers and case studies, with comparison to alternative content forms, allow for more focused and appropriate content dissemination.

4. Provide a list of your unique selling points

Almost every business today is publishing content on their websites and posting articles in an effort to put forth the key features of their products. This makes it harder for potential customers to find you with various brands trying to get their attention too.

White papers and case studies can help you showcase your unique selling points more effectively. Most companies aren’t too interested in your available solutions; they’re curious to learn exactly what it can achieve for them. By defining your distinct values and showcasing your strategies, potential customers can see the unique services and products that you can offer.

Leveraging for sales

Manufacturers need to recognize the distinct and significant impact white papers and case studies have on their sales approach. These contents have unique advantages over conventional content marketing methods, as well as the ability to contact prospective customers early during the purchase cycle. Demonstrate your knowledge, provide relevant facts, and explain your value offer with an engaging white paper and case study. Contact us today for your case study and white paper needs.

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