How Matmatch Increased Organic Traffic Growth
With Regular Engineering Content.


Ben Smye, Head of Growth at, talks about organic traffic growth and developing a library of educational content with the help of Engineering Copywriter.


Matmatch had grand publishing ambitions but their team was small. Managing freelancers and even finding qualified writers proved a struggle, and used up far too much of their precious time.

Working With
Engineering Copywriter

After forging a partnership with Engineering Copywriter, Matmatch was able to consistently publish quality content. The removal of the writing workload freed up Matmatch’s employees to focus on other aspects of the business.


Twelve months of consistent publishing has generated substantial organic growth. Current stats show:
– 400,000+ Google Impressions per month
– 11,000+ page views each month (and growing) for educational content
– 7:00 min average time on page

“We had ambitions to publish a lot of content but were a small team. It was tough to find external writers who could meet our requirements of writing quality educational content for a discerning engineering audience."

A brand’s authority plays an important role when ranking online for search terms. Any company that’s serious about expanding their reach and attracting loyal followers needs to have a solid marketing strategy, one that includes publishing high-quality, relevant, and engaging content on a consistent basis. helps engineers, product designers, and procurement teams find the best material suppliers for their job through an extensive material database platform. The marketing team wanted a library of educational pieces to attract readers, but struggled to find qualified writers to produce articles on schedule.

The Problem With Publishing Regular Content….

Writing high-quality technical blog posts can be very time-consuming, especially for a small team. Juggling many tasks and projects is always tricky – and doubly so when the personnel roster is tight. This is exactly the position that Matmatch found themselves in.

Matmatch spent a lot of time evaluating writers from outside the company, but this was ultimately unsuccessful. Ben says,

we spent time testing out lots of different writers, which proved very time-consuming, and although some were good, it was hard to find enough that could meet our deadlines.
Figure 1: The company’s ‘Learn with Matmatch’ section, where Engineering Copywriter helped produce numerous articles on materials, properties, and processes.

Aside from being time-consuming, it was difficult to find niche-specific writers who could meet the high standards for their engineering content. Matmatch wanted top-quality, informative, educational content tailored for qualified engineers and it simply proved too much of a challenge to find independent writers who could deliver. Their search for a centralized team of engineering writers eventually led them to Engineering Copywriter.

How did Engineering Copywriter Help?

Engineering Copywriter offers technical writing products specifically for an engineering audience, and all their writers have engineering backgrounds. That meant they had the necessary expertise to deliver what Matmatch needed, both in terms of content and schedule. This collaboration has made for an enduring partnership that allowed Matmatch to meet their content goals.

“Engineering Copywriter was able to deliver quality content on a regular basis. We agreed on the target of a specific number of articles per month, and we knew they would always deliver the content on time, and as promised.”

The two companies have been working closely for over a year, and Matmatch has been able to release weekly content consistently. “Working with Engineering Copywriter helped us develop our library of educational content much more quickly than we otherwise could. It also took pressure off the in-house team and freed up our time, as we didn’t need to spend time managing freelancers.”

Engineering Copywriter’s systems and processes ensures that all articles meet the same high standards. That turned out to be critical in helping Matmatch achieve their content goals and increase their organic traffic.

What Were the Results?

Matmatch’s articles have seen an impressive increase in organic performance, especially in recent months.

Figure 2: Analytics showing the impressive increase in organic traffic to the ‘Learn with Matmatch’ content as a result of the consistent publication of high-quality content with the help of Engineering Copywriter, even without promotion.

“As we built up the library, we didn’t do much to promote it, so it took time for us to see results. However, in recent months we have seen a big increase in organic performance from the articles. For example, in the last three months they have attracted over 1 million impressions in Google. Traffic is still ‘catching up’, but in the last month or so we’ve seen an average of 400-600 visits per day on the articles. Some are ranked #1 in Google for key terms like ‘wrought aluminium’.”

Figure 3: Screenshot of Matmatch’s post on wrought aluminum which appeared as a featured snippet in Google with almost 19 million search results to contend with.

Whereas Matmatch’s previous efforts had been restrictive, partnering with a professional writing team made their output run like clockwork. The steady flow of articles has resulted in an accelerating growth trend in terms of website traffic and views. Like all young blogs, the change took time to materialize, but the statistics bear out Matmatch’s confidence that they’re on the right track and that their readership will continue to grow.

Continuing to work closely with Engineering Copywriter, Matmatch’s analytics from December 2019 alone showed:

  • 400,000+ impressions on Google
  • 11,500+ page views
  • An average session duration of over 7 minutes
Figure 4: Screenshot of Matmatch’s post on property reduction of area appearing as a featured snippet in Google out of over 224 million search results.
Engineering Copywriter understands what it takes to bring results. If you are in the engineering niche and need a reliable, consistent, and helpful content creator, I would certainly recommend them. – Ben Smye, Head of Growth.

This all goes to show that a long-term content plan pays off in terms of organic SEO results. Matmatch’s experience has proven that high quality blogs and articles posted on a regular basis can really help grow web traffic and increase reader engagement.

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