Small Business Marketing

Are you a small business in
the engineering sector with no
marketing team?

Our affordable ‘done-for-you’ Small Business Marketing can help.

If you own a small engineering firm, chances are you don’t have the time or
budget for a full scale marketing department.

We can help you by planning, creating, and posting relevant engineering
content to grow your online presence and attract more leads.

Small Business Marketing Package

Our most popular package. Initial SEO set-up and planning followed by regular content to attract more
visitors to your site and build brand awareness for your small engineering firm.

SEO Foundations (Initial Set-up)
Create / optimize your Google my Business listing
Add logo / photos to Google my Business listing
Conduct keyword research for your industry
Optimize your website Title Tags and Meta-Description for selected keywords
Add keywords to your website Home page copy
Submit your sitemap to Google
Connect website to Google search console
Add up to 10 local business citations on relevant directories / websites
Social media business page set-up / optimization for Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook
Ongoing Content Marketing – Monthly Subscription.
1 x custom 1000+ word blog / month
Blog header image design
Includes up to 3 stock images per post
Blog Posted to your website (WordPress only)
3 x posts / week each to Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook
Monthly metrics reporting
Each Blog Entry Includes
Research / writing by our engineering writers
Internal / external hyperlinks
SEO optimization for Yoast
Professional copy editing / proofreading
US or British English
Copyscape plagiarism check

The Small Business Marketing package takes marketing completely off your plate, while you get on with the engineering! By properly setting up your basic SEO, optimizing your local listings, and posting regular content, you will rank higher in the search engines and attract more leads.

7 amazing benefits of the Small Business Marketing package for you and your business:

Save money from recruiting, training and paying full time
marketing personnel for your business, while still getting
your marketing done.

Your optimized Google my Business listings will give
you a much higher chance of attracting local customers in
the market for your services.

Save the time of figuring out your marketing,
researching keywords and especially writing your own
content. You get to focus on other things instead.

Optimized and more active social media channels
will boost your brand awareness, draw more people to
your website and attract more enquiries.

Keyword research will highlight the search terms that
your ideal customers are looking for. We can tailor the
content to make sure they get the answers and see you
as the expert.

High quality engineering blogs which will focus on
your optimal keywords, will help your website SEO, and
build your reputation as the go-to expert in your field.

The SEO (Search engine optimization) foundations we
work on will give your website more chance of ranking
higher in search engines.

How does the Small Business Marketing package work?

Step 1

Our Small Business Marketing product starts with an initial briefing call to learn about your business, define your content goals, and determine tone, style, keyword intent and other details.

Step 2

We start with the Initial SEO set-up to optimize your credentials and start with some quick wins. We also want to ensure the basics are right before we produce your content.

Step 3

Once the SEO set-up is complete, we will set up a content planner. Once keywords, titles and briefs are approved, we’ll start producing your regular monthly content.

Remember, all our writers are engineers themselves so we’ve got your content well and truly covered. We know how to speak to your ideal customers.

Our most frequently asked questions

With the Small Business Marketing package, we aim to to take the stress out of your content marketing creation and help grow your brand awareness. Here are our most commonly asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

A. It’s the easiest method to ensure we work smoothly together month by month. Although you can cancel anytime, the recurring method allows us to plan future monthly content, without sending out invoices and waiting for payment. It also means we don’t need to hire extra admin for creating, tracking, and chasing invoices – helping to keep the costs of our offer down.

A. Yes, will require backend access to your website, social media, Google my Business etc. Most services allow you the opportunity to add us as ‘admin’. This grants us enough limited access without having full control of your details, or seeing any private information.

In month 1, our focus is on the Initial SEO Set-up part of the product. We will also start doing keyword research and planning content for your approval. Content production and posting on your website, and social media channels will start from month 2.

Yes. If you’re happy that items in the Initial SEO Set-Up are already in good order for your business, we can jump straight into your ongoing monthly content.

Don’t worry, we have experience writing for many sectors in the engineering industry. Our writers are all engineers, and we take the time to get to know your business products and services in detail, as well as getting to know your tone and style. You can see samples of our work here.

A.Yes. We require all revisions to be requested within 5 working days. If we don’t hear from you within this time frame, that piece of content will be considered approved. This helps us to stay on track with multiple clients and projects at any given time.

A.That really depends on the extent of the revisions, and our capacity at the time. We will always aim to prioritise minor revisions as soon as possible, and will provide you with an estimated time for delivery. We aim to at least make a start within 48 hrs of receiving the request, and will communicate progress with you on larger projects.

A.Our expertise and focus lies in engineering content and technical writing only. We do not have the resources or skills in-house to work on graphics. We’ll be happy to direct you to some of our preferred graphics suppliers, just let us know.

A. After our initial call, we will be able to start working straight away on the Initial SEO Set-Up once we have access. We will of course send you details of completed work for your review. With regards to ongoing content, we will look for your approvals of keywords, titles, and final drafts for review. We generally find that over time, things get smoother and less and less input is required on your end.

A. Our products takes substantial commitment, time and resources on our side. To minimize our risk, we only start a project once we have received payment. This also ensures we’re not having to employ extra team members to manage billing and accounts payable, so we can use the resources to continually improve our services for you, our client.

A. Our writers all have engineering degrees, with most having hands-on experience in the engineering industry as well. They have the skills and knowledge to cover common engineering fields including mechanical, civil, industrial, manufacturing, chemical, materials, and many more. Find out more about us here.

A.Payments for the Small Business Marketing Product can be made via card, Paypal, or bank transfer. You can place your order here.