Need To Create An Engineering eBook?

We take the hassle out of writing professional eBooks that build your email list and grow authority in your industry.

Promote your expertise to hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands, without the hard sell

Ebook is short for ‘electronic book’. It’s a simple, straightforward digital asset to get your information into the hands of your target audience, without the hard sell.

This type of digital content asset takes many forms. It could be a discussion on a problem and solution, it could be a ‘how-to’ style guide, or a look into some new research. The power of ebooks doesn’t end there.

If you’re not sure how to write an Ebook or even come up with Ebooks ideas, Engineering Copywriter can help. Our team are experts in writing, drafting, and editing compelling Ebooks that get read by your audience.

4 reasons why your firm needs an engineering ebook

  • Instant authority.

Publishing an ebook will position your engineering business as an authority and expert on the subject in hand.

  • Builds trust, instills confidence.

An ebook can bring readers around to your way of thinking, and can build trust among your target market.

  • Grows your subscriber base.

Ebooks are great for building email lists and sales leads. Most people expect to give out their email address to download ebooks.

  • Vital for lead generation.

Once created, an engineering ebook is a long term asset for your marketing that you can update (if necessary) and use time and again. In essence, a well-marketed ebook becomes a cornerstone for enticing new prospects into your firm.

How engineering ebooks can position your firm

Engineering topics are often complex and technical in nature. A professional ebook can educate your readers on a technical subject, while building brand trust along the way.

By publishing ebooks that offer ‘how to’ guides, problems and solutions, discussion on research etc., readers will come to you as an authority when they need your solution for their own business. And our team has all the engineering ebook materials and know-how to craft a compelling read for your audience. Ask us how below.

The five key elements your engineering ebook needs for success

  • A consistent formal, educational tone.
  • For B2B ebooks, around 2000-3000 words is a good length.
  • A contents page to include chapters.
  • Final product should include illustrations, graphs, stats, and great graphics.
  • Include a call-to-action to entice readers to contact you as soon as they finish reading.

Why Engineering Copywriter is your best choice for ebooks and guides

If you’ve found yourself asking “how to write an ebook?” but weren’t sure where to begin – we can take it off your hands and free up your time.

From planning to proofreading, we take care of every stage. We use our technical expertise to translate complex engineering jargon and research into educational information that markets your firm’s expertise.

And with our approach, the end result is a compelling marketing asset which can be used year after year, with minimal updates.

Our 3-step approach to creating ebooks that set the industry standard

Step 1

We begin with an in-depth discussion about your business goals and ebook ideas

Step 2

We’ll present you with proposed chapters and overall scope, then we’ll carry out our writing and research

Step 3

Once written, it’s proofread, quality checked and submitted for your review and approval

Leave the ebook writing to us, while you get back to running the business.

To discuss pricing for your engineering ebook, get in touch today:

Ebook FAQs

A. Our writers, and proofreaders, have various engineering qualifications and hands-on industry experience across different sectors. They combine their love for writing with their engineering know-how to create amazing content. Our team works remotely from various locations.

A.We have experience writing engineering ebooks for many sectors in the industry. We research your business products and services in detail, as well as getting to know your tone and style. You can see samples of our work here.

A. You do. Once all payments are received and final work approved, you own the content.

A.We accept Card Payments and PayPal via our order page. You can find out more about our product pricing here.

A. Yes. Writing content for an engineering ebook requires substantial commitment, time and resources. We only schedule a project after payment is received.

A. We require your initial input when it comes to the brief and scope for the ebook. Other than that, we will do the research and writing, and the only other input required on your end is to review our submitted work.

A. Google Docs. We will send you a link to the doc that includes the content, a list of sources used for research, as well as a screenshot of our plagiarism check.

A.No. Our expertise and focus is engineering content writing only. We do not have the resources or skills in-house to produce graphics. For ebooks, we sometimes include screenshots of relevant info/data/graphs etc., for your reference only. You may wish to replicate the data in an original format, or ask for permission to use it from the copyright owner.

A.No problem, we can revise it until you’re satisfied. It’s one of our guarantees.

A. Yes. We require any revision requests for engineering ebooks within 5 working days of submission, otherwise content is considered approved.

A. Simply use the ‘suggesting’ option in Google Docs (see here) to mark up the document with your comments or suggestions. Let us know when you’re done, and we’ll take a look.

A.That depends on the extent of revision requests and our capacity at the time. We prioritise minor revisions as soon as possible. For work that requires more in depth revisions, we aim to start within 48 hrs and will communicate a timeline with you.