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December 23, 2021

Why is writing for engineers a challenge and what can you do about it?

writing for engineers

When you get the task of writing for engineers, it can be very difficult to do that, due to a variety of different reasons. Engineers always expect high-quality content, but due to their industry, this content is also very technical. And that’s why writing for engineers can be a challenging task since you have so much research to do in order to ensure everything is factually correct. At the same time, you also want to keep it short and simple.

If you browse engineering content, you will notice that generally, it’s very comprehensive, short, and to the point. You rarely see engineering writing pieces that are long-winded. The reason is simple, engineers as a whole are very technical and factual. They don’t care about marketing talk. They just don’t want to have any fluff content, otherwise, it will lower their excitement for the content. This is why most engineers end up dismissing content that’s not very appealing.


writing for engineers


Addressing the engineer requirements

When you start writing for engineers, you need to ensure that you know their field very well. Otherwise, writing for an engineer is tough because someone lacking experience is unable to address their requirements. That’s why this is a difficult task for a marketing employee or a general freelance writer. You need someone that has a lot of experience in this field, who specifically writes content like this, as that’s what will convey the best possible results. It’s definitely a major challenge, but something that can be managed appropriately.


Why is it important to have engineering writing skills?

When you address a team of engineers as a writer, you always want to show that you really know what you are talking about. That can be difficult if you lack a background in engineering. But with the right amount of research and commitment, the benefits are positive.

Plus, when you have skills like writing for engineers, you get to provide them with extra resources and valuable content. On top of that, you can solve or at least provide a few solutions when it comes to solving all kinds of issues that might arise from time to time. That being said, you can also address the specific needs of some engineers. For example, there are engineers that are asking their department for funding. You might also have to write for engineers that are working in a less technical role.

As a writer, you want to understand your audience. This is especially challenging when writing for engineers can be split into multiple niches. But that’s the thing you want to consider, you always want to fully understand the process and highlight your objectives. At the same time, simplicity is key, as we mentioned above. When you overly complicate content, you end up with long-winded and marketing-focused writing that doesn’t appeal to engineers at all.

For engineers, the best content is something that’s to the point, which touches on their interests and provides the right solutions. A lack of solutions is always a problem, which is why you want to take your time and really target the content correctly. It’s definitely not a walk in the park, but adapting the writing process to your audience will come in handy.


Avoid miscommunication

One of the issues that can appear when you are writing for engineers is miscommunication. It can be very easy to send the wrong message to engineers without even knowing it. The best thing that you can do is to always commit to excellence, learn from mistakes, and improve the content. If you share the wrong message and content, then this might lead to safety issues and mishaps.

Since this is a highly technical field, you never want to assume anything. Researching and also sharing those links and books you found while studying the topic can help a lot. For starters, it shows legitimacy and the fact that you are constantly committed to success and value. On top of that, it delivers great commitment to excellence and you get to improve your writing process, which is always exciting.


What kind of content is usually required by engineers?

Most of the time, when you are writing for engineers, you tend to focus on very specific types of writing. For example, you have proposals, which are required by engineers whenever they want to apply for work on a certain project. You can also write news and blog posts, which are very informative and helpful for engineers. Then you have progress reports, research reports, and other industry-specific pieces.

Needless to say, writing for engineers requires a lot of versatility and patience. In general, writing a piece for engineers requires even more research time than the writing itself. On top of that, you want to double down and ensure that all the ideas you shared have facts and research to back everything up. This is not a job for everyone, since it does require a lot of commitment and focus. But it does convey amazing results once you start learning everything and adding things up.


Nailing the ideal writing style

When you start writing for engineers, your primary focus is to try and identify the right style that engineers want. For the most part, you will notice that the writing style needs to be factual, professional, and very detailed. At the same time, you want to avoid overdoing it, writing any marketing fluff, as this will lower the quality of your content instead of adding any sort of value to what you are expressing.

Aside from the content itself, you also want to have a report appendix that includes any equations, sample calculations, any tabulated data, and supporting materials. In general, the best writing for engineers is supported by tons and tons of research. Of course, the writing style is not set in stone. But you do need to focus on facts and research, otherwise, there will be some very specific challenges or issues that might arise. That’s the thing to pursue, so try to take that into consideration.


writing for engineers


Do you need any specific skills when you’re writing for engineers?

The truth is that you need to have knowledge close to what an engineer would have. After all, you are writing content designed to either inform or help engineers. So yes, having some engineering knowledge yourself can be very helpful. Some writers are only writing for engineers, which is an important aspect to take into consideration.

While it’s not mandatory, since you can research, the reality is that getting any engineering skills or input can be a godsend. Not only does it give you a better understanding of the topic itself, but you can actually bring your own spin on the topic as a whole. That doesn’t mean it will be simple, yet it will definitely take off some of the load as you prepare to create the best content for engineers.



As you can see, writing for engineers is difficult and very research-heavy, and not every freelancer or employee is able to do it. This takes time, previous skills, and patience. This is why you want you might want to hire an external team that has knowledge when it comes to writing for engineers. We are here to help, we’ve been writing for engineers for a very long time, and we are committed to bringing the best results and experience to all professionals. Our writing and proofreading team, all have engineering qualifications – so know exactly what your audience needs to hear. All you have to do is commit minimal time to work with our team, and we’re confident you will be very happy with the results. Contact us today and let’s get started on your project!


While it is true that creating high-quality engineering white papers can be time-consuming, there’s no question they can help build your brand reputation. If you need help creating a comprehensive engineering white paper for your company, drop us a line!


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