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June 14, 2022

Where to Effectively Promote Your Content for Engineers

Content promotion is the process of distributing your content to a target audience. It can be done through free or paid marketing channels and takes many forms. Your engineering firm can generate more website traffic, increase visibility, and establish conversations by promoting content properly. Ultimately, that means better returns on investment. Engineering firms that are set on expanding their online presence should include promotion in their strategies to reach more leads and gain better results. Here are several platforms where you can effectively promote your content for engineers.

Marketers as Engineers

1. Your engineering blog

Content for Engineers

Image: Content Consumption of Engineers

All content for engineers needs a home, and your blog is the best place to collect all of your digital publications. According to one report, 74% of engineers accessed engineering information through digital publications. With this in mind, your digital publications such as engineering articles, white papers, eBooks, and newsletters should be published on your engineering blog. An engineering blog can also be leveraged to promote other relevant events such as company news and upcoming products. According to another study, 69% of engineers seek information from supplier/vendor websites when researching a product. This means that your blog can also function to encourage engineers to stay longer on your website and focus more on your output. Write relevant and high-quality content to keep them engaged.

Content for Engineers

Image: Sources Where Engineers Seek Information

A tough part about running an engineering blog is the fact that you must keep it updated. It’s critical that you write new content regularly. Nobody likes to visit a blog and discover that the most recent post was six months ago or more. Encourage engineers to share your articles by posting consistently and updating existing content. People will also be more inclined to subscribe to your blog and add it to their bookmarks when they know that they can rely on you for regular updates. While your engineering blog serves as the platform for your own publications, the best way to promote your content is by implementing proven SEO practices including on-page SEO and link-building strategies.

2. Social media

Content for Engineers

Image: How Engineers Utilize Social Media

Industrial marketers have found social media to be among the best places from which to promote their content for engineers. According to a 2022 report, Youtube and LinkedIn are the most valuable social media platforms for engineers who want information on the latest technologies, industry trends, and products. Roughly 14% and 11% of respondents cited those two platforms, respectively, as extremely valuable sources of information.

While it is not necessary to have accounts on all social media platforms, you must choose those that will benefit your company in the long run. For example, based on the study above, only 2% of the respondents say that they find Facebook an extremely valuable source of engineering news. This result does not necessarily mean you should exclude Facebook from your content distribution channels, however. Take it as an opportunity to widen your audience reach. Instead of just sharing articles, make an effort to create visually appealing graphics with educational information for your Facebook page.

3. Email

Content for Engineers

Image: Engineers’ Preferred Method of Communication

Emails are another effective way to promote your engineering content and generate new leads. Email marketing is exactly what it sounds like. Improve your brand’s relationship with existing or previous customers through informative emails. According to the same 2022 report, 53% of engineers prefer their initial salesperson interaction to happen via email. This means emails that promote your content for engineering audiences can help your nurture loyalty, retain customers, and gain new prospects. Below are some examples of email promotion techniques:

    •      –  Newsletters: A newsletter is a scheduled email with updates about your products and your company. This enables you to send compelling content, promote sales, and drive traffic to your website.
    •      –  Email signatures: An email signature is a professional gesture that also provides your contact information to readers. End each email with a respectful signature to create a good impression and distinguish yourself from competitors. You can also include a link to your website or to the latest blog post for additional reading.
    •      –  Drip campaigns: A drip email campaign is a series of emails delivered at regular intervals to optimize an email marketing strategy and automatically provide more value to subscribers. These can take the form of replacement part reminders, holiday greetings, abandoned shopping cart alerts, etc.
    •      –  Confirmation and Thank you emails: A confirmation email is an automated message that is sent in response to an action taken by your customer. These emails  are used to reassure your customers that the activity they made on your website or with your employee was successful. Like email signatures, you can use your confirmation and thank you emails to promote your content by adding a link to relevant pages or blog posts that might interest your recipient.
    •      – Product update emails: A product update email is a message delivered to your product’s users that informs them of new features and upgrades.

4. Online communities

Online communities are also very effective when it comes to promoting content for engineers. These are groups of people who engage with each other online because they share a common interest or goal. A few examples that are frequented by engineers are Design News, Quora,, LinkedIn, and The Engineering Exchange. 

However, these sites have restrictions and rules to follow. Quora, for instance, does not allow frequent promotional activities. This means that when you opt to promote your engineering content on these platforms, you must first understand how these platforms work and create an effective strategy to get results.

5. Paid Advertising

Another way to get your engineering content noticed is to use paid advertising. Paid advertising, as the word implies, is online advertising that you pay for. It comes in many styles:

  •      –  Pay-per-click (PPC)
  •      –  Google ads
  •      –  Programmatic advertising
  •      –  Facebook ads
  •      –  Google display
  •      –  Twitter ads
  •      –  LinkedIn ads
  •      –  Facebook remarketing.

Paid advertisements are delivered to the audience that you specify to the ad platform. Platforms often promise greater brand exposure and access to a larger pool of potential customers. Paid advertising must be done properly to receive a good return on investment. Below are a few simple things to keep in mind:

  •      –  Use long-tail keywords.
  •      –  Have a good understanding of the different types of paid ads.
  •      –  Check if your target audience frequently visits these platforms.
  •      –  Set a budget and decide whom you want to target per platform.
  •      –  Create a landing page.
  •      –  Review and track the results of your paid ads.

Get results when promoting your content for engineers

Your work does not end when you publish an article. You must then promote it to reach your target audience and eventually get leads and conversions. The methods listed above can be applied to engineering content and other marketing realms. Use these techniques to promote your engineering content, and you’ll find yourself reaping the rewards later on. Contact us today if you need help writing engineering content to reach your target audience.

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