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March 23, 2022

What is an Email Newsletter and How Can Engineering Firms Benefit from It?

Email Newsletter

Among the most common strategies to foster current and prospective engineering clients involves email newsletters. Email newsletters get distributed to everyone on a client list gathered over the internet. Current or prospective clients who have given explicit authorization to receive online advertising messages from your company are included on the list. Email newsletters often include content like:

  •      –  Manuals
  •      –  Blog entries
  •      –  Company news
  •      –  Customer feedback
  •      –  Personalized preferences
  •      –  Engineering tips
  •      –  Company promotions

Email newsletters are important to any email marketing plan. They enable businesses to foster relationships by positioning themselves as market leaders, offering insights, and introducing people to new items. The overall goal is to drive visitors to the company’s official site.

Email newsletter

Figure 1. Engineers prefer to communicate with vendors via email

Email is an efficient marketing channel for engineering firms. According to one survey, 52% of engineers prefer email over other methods of contact with vendors. The larger your mailing list becomes, the more engineers see your content and the better your return on investment. Here is how engineering firms benefit from email newsletters.

1. Great communication tool for new and existing clients

Email newsletter

Figure 2. Number of email users worldwide

Email is one of the most widely used modes of communication. The number of email users worldwide reached 4 billion in 2020 and is expected to hit 4.6 billion by 2025. Sending your marketing resources to an engineer’s email address means your messages are more likely to actually get seen.

Furthermore, because people have to subscribe to email newsletters, you get the added advantage that the recipients actually wanted material from you in the first place. This is not the case with all advertising platforms. 

Every day in 2020, about 306 billion emails were exchanged globally. By 2025, this number is expected to rise to about 376 billion emails per day. The numbers wouldn’t be so high if people didn’t genuinely find email useful. Your newsletters will go out on a service that engineers use both personally and professionally.

2. Filters make warm leads out of cold ones

When an engineer subscribes to an email newsletter, they’re showing interest in your business. These types of customers are called leads. A newsletter in their inbox might be the extra push they need to choose you over a competitor. Other users can quickly opt-out of your mailing list, allowing you to screen out individuals who aren’t real market leads and concentrate on the engineers that are genuinely enthusiastic about buying.

3. Establish brand authority and thought leadership

Email newsletters are terrific ways for an engineering firm to deliver useful and helpful information while also showcasing its expertise. This is done through technical articles, engineering guides, and even links to your latest engineering blog posts and case studies. Email newsletters can help show that you are a thought leader in your field and an engineering firm worth engaging with.

4. Assist brand visibility

Each email will remind existing and prospective clients that your engineering firm is healthy. Busy engineers can easily become preoccupied and forget all about your company if they don’t yet work with you on a regular basis.

A consistent email newsletter acts, if nothing else, as a reminder that you’re still out there and have something to offer. When a leader does decide to buy, your reliable and consistent presence in front of their eyes can help place you on top of their supplier list.

5. Promote new and innovative products and services

If yours is a large corporation, you probably offer multiple items or services on a regular basis. Email newsletters help you spread updates regarding new items and keep your subscribers up to date. It’s useful, particularly for subscribers who have been on the email list for some time and have not looked at your products in a while. 

Provide technical info on the new product in your email newsletter. Make it interesting by showing the features and the benefits.

6. Effective conversion tools

Email newsletters are great ways to send special offers and incentives to your subscribers. Whenever an engineer gets a newsletter containing a special deal, it could be the extra push they need to purchase, making these newsletters effective conversion tools.

Develop a customized coupon code that will be sent out solely to the mailing list. It will help you assess how effectively the newsletter is delivering as a marketing tool. You can measure how many people use the discount coupon on the website and see how many people converted. Doing so will assist you in making future promotional decisions!

7. Generate a good return on investment (ROI)

With a minimal operating cost to go along with all of the above advantages, it’s no wonder that email newsletters generate high returns on investment. According to the latest survey of selected marketers, email is a highly effective digital marketing medium, particularly in terms of ROI. 

In a survey of B2B marketers which was carried out in January 2021,  38% of respondents said the efficiency of their email advertising operations had improved (somewhat or substantially) through 2020.

Brands gained $36 per dollar spent on email marketing, according to a 2020 survey of marketers from around the globe. The retailing, internet, and consumer products businesses had the greatest return on investment, at $45 for every dollar expended. This indicates that email marketing outperforms other methods such as social networks, direct mail, or sponsored search.

The power of an email newsletter

If you’re looking for a way to better leverage the web’s power to attract new clients, don’t underestimate email newsletters. They are simple and convenient digital marketing tools that will benefit most marketing teams. One can contact engineering clients directly through the newsletters. Not only will you be able to deliver value to customers, but you are more likely to hold onto them as long-term clients. If you are looking to hire a technical copywriter to help you create better content, drop us a line.

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