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April 13, 2022

Tips to Creating Engaging Social Media Content for Engineering Firms

Social Media Content

Social media outlets are no longer just ways of keeping up with old friends. It has now become a venue to connect with professionals, sell products and services, and promote businesses. Firms also utilize social media to attract traffic to their websites. You can share company information, the latest blog posts, and new products through social media.

It’s easy to deliver the content that you want your audience to see as long as you use an engaging social media content strategy. When customers type the name of your engineering firm into Google, your social media networks are likely to come up first. The fact that these outlets are becoming more prominent means they can help businesses collaborate, attract new clients, and establish themselves as authorities. Here are tips for creating engaging social media content for your engineering firm.

Engineering Content

1. Demonstrate rather than tell

Social Media ContentSocial media is more about visuals than text. Users scroll through their feeds quickly, so their eyes are drawn to interesting images. Though your engineering content needs to be informative, you’ll need illustrations or photos to act as attention-grabbers. Only after you’ve made users pause to look at your post can you direct them to your website.

2. Take your own pictures

Use real photos instead of stock imagery. Social media users are more fascinated by real-life images and prefer to see something natural. If you have a good grasp of photography, try taking pictures of your products or even your machine shop yourself. If not, hire a photographer who can do your subject justice. Make sure that your images complement the content in your write-up.

3. Make videos

Videos are more popular than ever on social media. Users will film just about anything, so their viewers have come to expect it. Embrace this trend on your social platforms so you don’t fall behind in the marketing game. You can make short clips and even teaser introductions of new processes and products.

4. Make graphics out of your content

People remember visual information 65% better than mere text. Create infographics, charts, graphs, and other social media visuals based on your finest content to solidify viewers’ impression of your organization. You can repurpose quotes and lines from your engineering blogs and integrate them into new material for your social media profile. This will not only highlight key points in your engineering articles but also drive new traffic to your blog.

5. Make testimonials and reviews available to customers

Positive client reviews are tremendous magnets. Don’t be afraid to wield them as marketing materials. And even if you’ve already shared them on your engineering website, it’s good to also share them on your social media platforms. Choose your greatest testimonials and reviews, format them into digestible snippets, and write engaging captions to accompany them.

6. Include social media sharing buttons in your email newsletters

Adding social networking buttons to your email newsletters is a terrific way to crosslink the two strategies. This works because users scan emails, and buttons stand out from the rest of the content for the same reason that images do. So, before you send out those email newsletters, add your social media links so that readers may more easily follow you on their preferred sites.

7. Use stories to spice up your content

Storytelling forms the heart of any successful social media and content marketing strategy. It allows marketers to connect with customers at a more personal level. Almost all social media sites have realized this and have developed their own set of tools for telling social media stories. Add stories to your social media content today and watch your website traffic increase drastically.

How to increase your social media engagement and presence

1. Develop SMART objectives

Social Media Content Once you are prepared to execute your social media initiative, think about creating SMART goals. This acronym stands for:

  •      –   (S) Specific: The more explicit you become when establishing an objective, the simpler it will be to recognize your exact goals. An example of an overarching goal may be to increase your Facebook followership to 50%.
  •      –   (M) Measurable: What criteria will you use to determine your achievement? You may be looking to double the number of people who follow you on Facebook, for instance.
  •      –   (A) Attainable: Is your objective feasible? Is it possible to double your Facebook followers in the timeframe you’ve set for yourself?
  •      –   (R) Relevant: A relevant aim is one that is directly related to your company’s goals. Does Facebook followership matter to your company’s goals, mission, or values?
  •      –   (T) Time Specific: Set a deadline for yourself. For example: In three months, you want to have doubled your Facebook follower count.

For example, let’s say you want your company’s Facebook account to gain more followers. You may wish to “double our Facebook follower count within three months.” This one sentence is specific, easy to measure, and sets a time limit. If your research has concluded that your prospective customers are likely to use Facebook and a doubling of your follower count is realistically possible, this may be a good goal.

With a SMART goal, you will be able to identify what specific areas you need to work on and what social media content you should create.

2. Define your target market

Social Media Content

Figure 1. Social platforms that engineers use for the latest news

To increase engagement and gain followers, you need to determine which customers to target on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, or other social media networks. You’ll need to learn where engineers devote the majority of their time. Sometimes a survey of customers and staff can help show you which social networks they prefer.

According to one study, 22% of engineers consider LinkedIn “very valuable” when seeking information on the latest engineering technologies, industry trends, and products. This indicates that social media channels – and especially LinkedIn – can be good venues for your marketing efforts.

3. Develop a schedule

Social Media Content

Figure 2. Engineer’s weekly consumption by content format

According to a study, 38% of engineers consume engineering content on a weekly basis via social media platforms. This means that posting to your social media on a regular basis can help attract visitors to your site.

A social media content calendar can help you to figure out what kinds of engineering content you’ll need in order to keep your channels interesting. Planning ahead of time allows you to weigh in on what’s emerging, and gives you an opportunity to cover gaps in your strategy. A consistent posting schedule tells your fans what they can anticipate from you. This gives your engineering customers a sustained impression.

Try creating a posting schedule or editorial calendars for the whole of your social network regime once you have defined your ideal customers. You might wish to provide a link, a brief and catchy title, and a description of the engineering content on your social media platforms.

4. Develop relationships by being personable

Ensure you choose a “tone” on social media that people can relate to. Customers, entrepreneurs, hiring managers, and shareholders will learn about your firm on a more personalized level. This also aids in the development of trust. 

Make the effort to communicate with engineering customers and thought leaders online. Building professional relationships online is often as simple as mentioning individuals in your social media content, responding when people acknowledge you or your work, and responding to stories.

5. Stay active and create amazing posts

Providing a combination of unique and organized engineering content on your social media accounts will inspire others to interact with you. You generate interest among your audience by offering them original, high-quality content. Be sure you update your site with new engineering content on a consistent basis to keep everything relevant and engaging. Your engineering customers will reward you by following and forming bonds with your business.

Engineering content

Why use social media?

Engineers have high expectations of the organizations they plan to do business with. You can showcase your engineering firm’s values, integrity, and competence by engaging with customers on social media. It gives prospective customers an easy way to contact you and to get answers to their questions. That sort of accessibility makes your company appear personable and responsive to the demands of the engineering community. Contact us today if you need help creating engineering content that you can share on social media.

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