Thought Leadership

Shake up your industry with cutting-edge thought leadership content that turns clicks into subscribers

Thought leadership is more than just content.

It’s a way to draw on the past, analyze the present and pave a path forward for future endeavours. And when done right, it’s the perfect tool to market your firm’s as an industry trendsetter.

A thought leader is a person (or business) who is considered an expert in their field. They may also be referred to as an influencer or subject matter expert (SME), who provides insights into a topic to inform others.

Thought leadership in marketing refers to posting articles by an expert within your engineering company, that helps you build authority and trust in your market.

5 reasons why you need thought

Parade your expertise.

Thought leadership in marketing draws people in, especially engineers who are keen to soak up knowledge and expertise on a topic.

Establishes credibility overnight.

By publishing thought leadership articles as part of your engineering marketing strategy, you will quickly be seen as an authority in your field

Build trust, instill confidence.

Thought leadership also helps to build trust among potential prospects, who begin to feel more confident knowing that you are the expert.

Lead your audience.

Posting thought leadership articles by experts in your engineering firm will undoubtedly speak to your target audience, especially if your prospects are struggling with a problem in their business, or don’t fully understand some new industry news.

Position yourself as the experts.

It’s going to position your SMEs, or the CEO highly with your audience. And even if they don’t reach out to you immediately, then they will surely have you front of mind when they need help.

How can Engineering Copywriter
help with thought leadership articles?

Engineering Copywriter can help you create thought leadership articles. We will interview your expert, and through the use of questioning, draw out the most relevant information to discuss. Following research and an interview, our engineering writers can then draft thought leadership article for your approval.

How does our 3-step thought leadership content process work

Step 1

A discussion around your brief, and goals and what you want to achieve with your thought leadership piece

Step 2

Research and preparing questions to ask your SME

Step 3

Writing the thought leadership article and submit for review

That’s it. You don’t need to lift a finger. This means you can get back to doing what you do best and let us get on with the writing.

To discuss pricing for thought leadership, get in touch today:

Thought leadership FAQs

Varies per project [to be completed for each page].

A.No problem, we can revise it until you’re satisfied. In fact, it’s one of our guarantees. The more information you provide up front, then the closer we’ll get first time so it’s important for you to let us know about any specific info you need covered. For larger projects, we will check in early and often with you to make sure we’re on track and have hit the right tone of voice for your business. We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction and experience has shown the more we work together, the smoother things run.

We lean more towards Google docs for collaboration, though we work with Google Docs or Microsoft Word. You can let us know what you prefer.

A.Yes. We require all revisions to be requested within 5 working days. If we don’t hear from you within this time frame, that piece of content will be considered approved. This helps us to stay on track with multiple clients and projects at any given time.

A.Our expertise and focus lies in engineering content and technical writing only. We do not have the resources or skills in-house to work on graphics. We’ll be happy to direct you to some of our preferred graphics suppliers, just let us know.

A.That really depends on the extent of the revisions, and our capacity at the time. We will always aim to prioritise minor revisions as soon as possible, and will provide you with an estimated time for delivery. We aim to at least make a start within 48 hrs of receiving the request, and will communicate progress with you on larger projects.

A.To create [complete for each page] we will need to work closely with you. We will kick things off with an initial call to discuss your business and project scope in detail. Once we have a brief, we will get started and the next input will be required to review the draft [variations complete for each page]

A.The simple answer is because they take a lot of time and effort to research, write and refine. Rather than focus on the upfront expenditure, consider the potential value. The best thing to do is to think about the value one new customer can bring, and then decide if producing [content variables to be input] a certain topic is likely to bring in more leads for your business and help convert more valuable sales.

A. Our writers all have engineering degrees. Many have hands-on experience in the engineering industry as well. They have the skills and knowledge to cover common engineering fields including mechanical, civil, industrial, manufacturing, chemical, materials, and many more. Find out more about us here.

A.Creating a [service variable to be input] takes substantial commitment, time and resources. To minimize our risk, we only start a project once we have received payment. This also ensures we’re not having to employ extra team members to manage billing and accounts payable, so we can use the resources to continually improve our services for you, our client.

A.Payments can be made via card, paypal, or bank transfer.