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June 24, 2022

7 Things to Consider When Creating Content for Engineers

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Engineers can be a difficult audience to write for. A curious engineer will not want to waste time during their search for answers. Normally, readers who find your content uninteresting will not return.

You should ask yourself a few key questions before you start writing:

    • –  What problems do engineers have?
    • –  What do they care about?
    • –  What things do they value?


The best method to attract interest is to create content that meets your audience’s needs. An engineering audience is no different. From the perspective of this engineer, here are a few things to consider when creating engineering content.

writing for engineers

1. Be direct in approaching problems

Creating Content Engineers are very precise people by nature. This natural tendency is reflected in the way they search for answers to their problems. By outlining your article’s main ideas in its introduction, you can tell your engineering audience exactly what to expect. This sets readers’ expectations and may even help you stay focused during the writing process. You don’t want to waste your readers’ time, especially when they seek valuable information and answers.  Starting with a description of what you’ll be covering will help them find exactly what they need.

2. Don’t be too corporate

Unlike other audiences, engineers are often reluctant to believe information because it comes from a well-known firm. No two engineers behave exactly alike, but the fact remains that they typically value evidence and proven knowledge over celebrity or branding.  If your engineering content is presented by a relevant product expert (usually another engineer) who cites solid data, you’ll go a long way toward establishing yourself as a reliable voice that engineers can trust.

3. Get your technical terms and acronyms right

Always double-check your technical words and acronyms when writing for engineers. A misspelled word, an out-of-date abbreviation, or a simple missing SI unit could quickly put engineers off your content. In some cases, it can be so severe that it affects your entire business. Get clarification from the source if you’re unsure about any terms. Email an engineer, call your customer, or try any other method you think will help you understand what engineers expect to see. Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t understand everything!

4. Engineers like data

It should come as no surprise that engineers are fond of real-world numbers. Take advantage of this! Establish connections between your message and the reader’s particular interests. This connection will act as unique supporting evidence that appeals to such data-driven personalities. Many data sources can be used to support your message, such as

  •      –  Historical savings or revenue statistics from the use of your product
  •      –  Examples of actual benefits your product creates on a daily basis
  •      –  Analyses of your audience’s industry
  •      –  Emphasis on the applications in which your product excels

For the best results, include actual numbers in all of the aforementioned examples. Even if you just do some basic math to back up your assertion, a curious engineer will analyze the figures and assess the situation for themselves.

5. Be objective in your writing

It’s fine to include your own opinions in your writing, but make sure you remain as objective as possible. This is particularly relevant when writing for an engineering audience. A reader who doesn’t agree with your subjective opinion will be suspicious of your conclusions. They’re less likely to misinterpret you if your points are supported by facts and your less concrete beliefs are clearly explained. Remove any claims that are ambiguous or unsupported by data. Not only will this improve perceptions, but it will also eliminate fluff and give your main points extra impact. Simply put, objective writing translates ideas into authenticity.

6. Always reference reliable sources

Creating Content Always strive to add context and double-check the accuracy of your reference sources. Engineers pay close attention to details and often double-check the information they find in publications. They’ll still do this even if they view you as a trusted source. If you reference a technical report, a large proportion of your readers will click through and read it. Always base your content on reliable sources; well-sourced facts will lend you more authenticity and give readers peace of mind.

7. Keep your writing simple

Professional technical writing is all about clear and simple communication that helps people understand complicated topics.  Break the industry terminology and complex jargon down into simpler language to make information easier to digest. While you do, use active voice whenever you can.  Your primary aim should be to interact with your reader rather than to demonstrate your extensive vocabulary.

This does not imply that you should avoid using technical terms entirely. In some cases, your target audience will already be conversant in the language. But on the whole, your primary objective is to be clear and precise. Engineers, like everyone else, want content that is engaging and easy to read. Give your readers the tools to solve their own problems by providing them with unique, actionable information that is relevant to their interests.

Engineering content

Get your engineering content right

The above guidelines cover the fundamentals of writing engineer-friendly content. Your specific target audience will dictate the other factors you need to focus on. Keep all these things in mind to showcase focused, relevant expertise in your engineering field. If you need assistance with your engineering content, we recommend that you contact us today.

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