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March 1, 2021

6 Reasons Why You Need a Website Copywriter to Stand Out In the Crowd

The writing profession has been around for a long time and has branched out significantly over the years. Before the dawn of the internet, paper-based print was the only type of wide-scale writing available. With the internet boom, web writing took off and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, great web copywriting is essential, with companies and organizations using it to boost their brand. Most of these businesses hire a professional website copywriter to help them increase their visibility on the internet.

Website copywriters create content with the intent of persuading readers to take action. They craft copy and words that can grab the reader’s attention, promote an idea or a product clearly, and lead readers to interact by either clicking links or making purchases.

Why should you hire a professional website copywriter?

A company website is essential to maintain your online presence. It is used not only to display the products and services you offer but to build a partnership and relationship with your readers. A critical factor in establishing that relationship is your web copy, so a professional website copywriter can be very beneficial for your company. Below are some reasons why you should consider engaging with one for your website:

You get to focus on other areas of the business.

A website copywriter help you focus on the other areas of the businessWriting is time-consuming and each piece of high-quality content can take hours to put together. By hiring a professional website copywriter, you can focus on other areas of the business where your expertise is needed. There will be no need for you to spend hours at your computer researching certain topics or training a writer from your team to write your company’s web copy.

Additionally, experienced web copywriters can produce content more quickly and effectively than inexperienced ones. They have the experience and ability to write excellent web copy quickly and on schedule, while still complying with your content requirements.

Your web copy gets targeted expertise.

When hiring a website copywriter, you don’t just hire them for the sake of writing actionable content. You hire them because of their expertise on a particular subject that is relevant to your website. Like most professions, some copywriters have special training or hands-on experience in a specific industry which will make them a perfect extension to your team.

Niche-specific website copywriters bring a lot more to the table than generalists. They can perfectly capture the services you offer and the nature of your business and put it all into writing. Similarly, their relevant experience translates easily into quality content that your target audience will find exciting and engaging.


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You’re furnished with a clean and concise copy.

Furnish a clean and concise copyWeb copywriters are trained to spot grammar and spelling issues, improper punctuation, and awkward phrasing. As such, you can rest assured that your content will be free of the technical faults that plague amateur copy. Additionally, most professional copywriters have copy editors and proofreaders who review each piece thoroughly to catch any mistakes that might have been overlooked.

Another reason to hire a professional website copywriter is their ability to write concise content that’s easy to understand. Some writers tend to go in circles and can bore potential customers, but a good copywriter will be efficient and articulate.

Brand consistency is built in.

Every marketer knows that consistency is important when promoting a brand. It’s easy to forget, however, that this includes building a consistent written brand voice. A professional website copywriter can help your company achieve this and more. They can create a consistent copy style formulated to appeal to your target audience. This will, in turn, become the brand voice that your readers associate with your company.

Moreover, hiring professional copywriters can help your company develop a guideline on how to create content that fits with how you want people to identify your brand. This can be useful when creating other forms of content like a tweet, a social media post, media, and print materials. Your team and the professional website copywriter can sit down together and make decisions on language choice, consistency of use, correct spelling and grammar, standard greetings, and many more. Put this into writing and your company can refer to this even after the website copywriter is no longer working for you.

Generation of organic traffic and leads.

Help generate organic traffic and leadsWhen your web copy is optimised for SEO, you get more chances of getting high organic traffic to your website. With a professional website copywriter, you get professional insights and expertise on what you need to rank higher on major search engines. This includes optimising your page with the targeted keywords, page titles, meta descriptions, and other SEO ranking factors.

That traffic can, of course, also lead to a sale, a referral, or a recommendation. Organic traffic is important to boost the chances of making a sale without the need to pay tons of money for advertisements. Additionally, expert copywriters can help create motivating calls to action that ultimately lead to conversion.

Your web copy is up to date with every search engine change.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be difficult to understand. Unfortunately, though, website owners depend on sites like Google to gain traffic and boost revenues. Google constantly refines its algorithms and sends out new updates every month or so. For a marketer, this constant change can be overwhelming.

A professional website copywriter can help you keep up with these changes. They can provide you with up-to-date strategies and SEO techniques and optimize your website copy so you avoid getting penalized and ultimately increase your web rankings. Copywriters are trained experts that can help you identify and incorporate keywords into your content and improve your on-page SEO.

When you hire a professional website copywriter, you bring to your company a set of proven skills and marketing experience. It also ensures you will receive high-quality content consistently. A website copywriter is a worthwhile investment that can help your company gain more leads and sales over time. If you would like to optimize your web copy, talk to us today!

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