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February 19, 2021

5 Reasons Why an Engineering Blog is Critical for Your Digital Marketing Success

Businesses, whether they like it or not, must be able to keep up with the changing times. As technology continues to evolve and influence how consumers see the products and services on the market, purchasing behavior follows suit. Digital marketing is vital in B2B or B2C business models in the modern world. This applies to nearly every corner of the market, so even in the manufacturing, industrial, or engineering sector, an engineering blog can be critical to your digital marketing success.



Why exactly does your engineering website need a blog? Here are five reasons.

1. Be first among your competition

So you’ve got got a great website showcasing your products and services. That by itself, however, won’t gain you customers. Searchability is critical. You want to reach people and potential customers who are searching for the style of product or service that you offer. You want them to come to you rather than your competitor. Blog content creation is an important inbound marketing priority for marketers. According to Hubspot, content marketing draws as many as three times the number of leads that traditional marketing methods generate while simultaneously bringing the cost down by 62%.

Every blog post is an opportunity for your page to be indexed and show up in search engines through organic search methods. If your website has an empty blog section, search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing cannot rank your website and you should expect your page to land two to three pages deep in the search results. Talk about literally falling behind your competition!

Search engines favor websites with new and fresh content and keywords when they index pages. Posting engineering blog entries can be a long term strategy for search engine optimization (SEO) and for increasing your visibility and overall online presence.

2. Build your authority and branding through your engineering blogs

Engineering blogs aid in building your business’ authority and establishing trust with customers. According to Demand Gen Report, 47% of buyers view between three and five pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative.

By consistently posting informative and engaging blogs (not mere sales pitches), customers will view your content as valuable and therefore consider you the go-to expert, a reliable business to which they should go to when they have the need. Your blogs show your experience in the field which, in turn, makes consumers trust your brand more.

Publishing engineering blogs is an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness and to promote your company to others in your industry. Done consistently, blogging will help to position your business as an industry leader.

3. Let your consumers come to you

A well-informed and appealing engineering blog will attract readers to your website. This increase in traffic encourages customer engagement. Some customers who are searching for the type of solutions your business offers will find you, your product, and your service by first finding and reading your blogs.

By studying and using effective research keywords and keyword phrases on your website, you have the opportunity to capture a wider swathe of your desired target audience and niche. And by publishing consistently, chances are good that you’ll have repeat readers.

Readers will become potential leads, creating an opportunity for conversion – especially if you are consistently presenting quality content. As such, you should view every blog post as a lead-generating machine that can offer calls to action for subscriptions, free trials, free whitepapers, and more. It’s an outlet that makes it easy for potential clients to reach and connect with you.


4. Easily share your business with others

With the emergence of social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and similar apps, the market is awash with sharing platforms. Linking your blogs to these social media networks allows visitors to these apps to visit your website and vice-versa. This strengthens your digital presence without the need to create the same content repeatedly. Your engineering blogs can serve as a repository of content.

For example, when you distribute and publish content on LinkedIn, a premier social network for professionals, you have an opportunity to connect directly with potential customers. Your engineering blog becomes a topic of discussion, thus building an immediate organic connection to potential clients. You can then add them to your mailing list from which you may continue the engagement by sending links back to your website when new content is available.



5. Strengthen your relationship with your customers

By publishing engineering blogs on your website and multiple social media platforms, you are opening the possibility for your existing and potential customers to interact with you conversationally. It also allows you to answer technical inquiries and make clarifications in the comment sections. Your visitors will feel a personal connection to your brand and will tend to gravitate toward your solution or message over others.

Having an active comment section showcases the actual people behind the website and will further develop your business relationship and connectivity. With a little creativity, your engineering blogs can also work in mentions of other PR-related information such as product releases, testimonials, or event information. The blog’s ability to forge relationships offers many opportunities that are otherwise difficult to generate.

Given all these benefits, it’s not hard to understand why most successful companies run active blogs as integral parts of their overall marketing strategy. Though the creation, and especially the consistent updating of a successful blog can be a challenge, the fruits it bears in the form of increased traffic and sales will be worth the effort. If you’re still skeptical, just read more of our blog posts and ask us questions on social media!

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