How Blogs Accounted for More
Than 55% of Overall Website Traffic.


James Alston, Content Marketing Manager at, talks web traffic numbers and posting regular blogs produced by Engineering Copywriter.

Before’s Content Team had difficulty finding high-level writers for its engineering career website. This had a negative impact on a key marketing strategy, which was to drive more traffic to their website using top-quality blog content.

Working With
Engineering Copywriter’s Content Team was able to post more regular, engaging, quality content for its intellectual readers as part of a very busy content schedule.

Results’s blogs accounted for 55% of their overall website traffic with help from blog content created by Engineering Copywriter. In addition, several blog posts have been displayed on Google’s first page, including featured snippets for targeted keywords.

“We weren’t able to find sufficient content writers for our engineering website, especially those who can write high-quality content for a growing intellectual audience.”

Companies rely on website traffic to generate sales leads, and one of the best marketing strategies to do this is to post regular, unique, and engaging content. Not only does this help websites rank better for SEO on search engines, it also builds authority and trust for readers.

The Problem With Creating Regular Content….

Creating, growing and maintaining a busy content schedule can be problematic for many companies who simply don’t have the resources or time available in-house.

This was the case for Their business provides online assistance to professionals in all engineering disciplines who are looking for jobs, programs, schools, conferences and events. As James explains,

We had difficulty finding good writers. This made it hard to grow the blog side of our website, which is an essential part of our strategy and our traffic.

Despite having an in-house SEO team, writing high-quality blog posts was difficult with the team’s very busy content schedule. This eventually led to their search for more writers. Several attempts at outsourcing freelancers had been unsuccessful, and so they reached out to the team at Engineering Copywriter for support.

How did Engineering
Copywriter Help?

Engineering Copywriter have a team of writers who are qualified engineers. They have the expertise, systems and processes in place to provide great quality engineering content on a regular basis. This is just what needed.

Engineering Copywriter provides a great service which has helped us grow and maintain our regular, and very busy, content schedule.

Engineering Copywriter have been able to tailor blog content specifically for the engineering career niche with the professional tone the company were aiming for. Using keyword research, all posts are SEO optimized to help boost the site’s ranking.

“With the blog posts provided, has been able to consistently post high-quality and relevant articles on our website,” says James. “This keeps our audience engaged and informed about the newest developments in getting jobs, growing their network and enhancing their engineering skills.”

The collaboration between the two companies has been going strong for almost 2 years, with blog posts being created on a weekly basis. This long term commitment has produced great momentum that allows both companies to operate smoothly and on a regular schedule.

What About the Results?’s blog pages alone, accounted for 55% of overall website traffic to their busy site, and has consequently created more new business. By handing over the task of writing blogs, the team has been able to focus on other aspects of the business without having to worry about research and writing great content every week.

“High-quality content from a professional team which has yielded impressive results.”

Figure 1: Statistics showing 55% of’s overall website traffic as a result of their top ten performing blogs, all of which were produced by Engineering Copywriter.

With their SEO optimized blogs, has been able to achieve the following results with the help of Engineering Copywriter:

  • 55% of overall site traffic from blogs that were created by Engineering Copywriter.
  • Various blog posts displayed in Page 1 for Google searches.
  • Google shows several blog posts as the featured snippet for relevant keywords.

Would you like to drive more qualified traffic to your website with better, more consistent content?

The professionals at Engineering Copywriter can help you.

Figure 2: Screenshot of’s blog post as the featured snippet in Google from 339 million results for the search term.

When asked how these results have changed things for, James stated “The company’s doing better than ever!”

When it comes to recommending the services of Engineering Copywriter, James says, “The service has been very helpful to our business, especially the blog side, and working with the team at Engineering Copywriter is easy and stress-free. Working with engineering content specialists who know what they’re doing and are efficient, reliable, and open to edits and constructive feedback has relieved a lot of pressure. The services from Engineering Copywriter are highly recommended for anyone who needs to reach an engineering audience”.

Figure 3: Screenshot of’s blog post as the featured snippet in Google for the search term.
Figure 4: Screenshot of’s blog post as top result in Google for the search term.

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