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March 7, 2022

Lessons Marketers Can Learn from Engineers

Marketing is currently undergoing some of its most significant transformations ever. Although marketers have used devices and information for years, marketing itself has not historically been a very tech-focused field. Today, however, it is gradually becoming one of the most technologically intensive operations in the world. That, in turn, drives marketers to adopt technical backgrounds similar to engineers. Marketers who operate like engineers have discovered ways to create incentivized demand, utilizing their skills to inspire more desire among customers. 

With these recent advancements, marketers can learn from engineers, especially in fields that develop technology they can use. Collaboration between marketers and engineers is mutually beneficial. To develop things, marketers require engineers’ technical knowledge and practical problem-solving talents. Likewise, the engineers need those marketers’ experience and strategies to develop, understand, and exploit market demand. Here are a few lessons marketers can learn from engineers to help them transform the business world.

Marketers as Engineers

1. Problem-solving abilities

Marketers as EngineersThe task of problem-solving is never-ending. This is a core component of both the engineering field and innovative marketing. Marketers, like engineers, use problem-solving methodologies – often the same as those based on engineering principles – to tackle difficulties they experience daily. By immersing themselves in the problem-solving methods, marketers are able to think critically and solve any marketing problem they encounter. 

The ability to solve problems also means knowing what tools can help. Quality problem-solving tools facilitate collaboration and enhance creative thinking. Some of these tools that engineers use include case analysis, reduction, hypothesis testing, flow charts, fishbone diagrams, strategy maps, mind-manager software, etc.

2. Technical competence

The world of technology evolves quickly, which is why we now see the terms ‘digital’ and ‘marketing’ used together so often. Technical competence refers to a realm of knowledge or expertise that is useful to the job obligations of a specialized market. Examples of technical competencies that marketers can learn from engineers include big data analysis, project management, digital marketing & social media management, technical writing, Microsoft office certifications, video creation, and telecommunication.

Without proper measurement, though, marketing campaigns cannot be evaluated. You must be capable of assessing your promotional efforts’ effectiveness and the return you make on an investment. Modern software is great at compiling data, so sometimes the problem lies in interpreting it. You need both the right tools and the critical skills to identify what’s important and what isn’t. Only then can you make use of your research to influence subsequent decisions and advance your marketing career.

Project management remains an important part of every industrial marketer’s task. Sometimes, that means you must simultaneously manage multiple projects, customers, or enterprises. You’ll need a solid collection of project-management abilities to stay on top of the projects and ensure tasks get completed. Project management means meeting deadlines, prioritizing your work, and keeping track of others’ involvement. And the final result must still meet quality standards!

3. Detail orientation 

A successful engineer must be able to understand and account for many details in order to develop an efficient machine. This is a normal component of an engineer’s job, and such meticulous attention to detail enables engineers to solve complex problems. 

When working on a task or project, being detail-oriented implies paying special attention to aspects that might otherwise seem trivial. Before moving on to subsequent tasks, detail-oriented people execute every task as efficiently as possible. Marketers as engineers who are detail-oriented pay close attention to every project and are continuously looking for ways to work more efficiently.

4. Leadership

Engineers are considered leaders in the realm of innovation. As a marketer, leadership is a valuable skill that will keep you ahead of the competition. Internally, this means taking charge of particular projects or working as the main contact for customers. It also could mean assisting junior individuals with their job.

Every step taken by a successful marketer must be made with a goal in mind. Focus on getting things done and doing the right things. In short, as a successful marketer, you must show that you can meet goals, whether you set those goals yourself or had them dictated by stakeholders.

5. Adaptability

Engineers are good at adapting to new challenges. One of the most crucial talents an engineer must possess is the capacity to adapt to new and anticipated developments.

Marketing is a dynamic sector, where innovative strategies, techniques, and guidelines appear regularly. Furthermore, marketing departments are frequently faced with constraints. They may be allocated last-minute assignments or have their priorities shifted without warning. A good marketer will thrive in this fast-paced atmosphere and be able to quickly adjust to changing conditions.

6. Visual marketing

For people that do not consider themselves to be creative, the word “design” might be intimidating. Due to the complexity of modern technology, it is difficult for individuals to design and develop a new product on their own. To successfully build a new product, you’ll need a team of designers and engineers. The design process must be meticulously planned and carried out in order to be successful.

Marketing teams usually either have a professional developer on a contract or simply outsource large design tasks to a company or agency. However, marketers should still be familiar with the fundamentals of visual advertising. This can be handy when choosing images for the website’s social media platform or capturing photos for later use.

7. Automation

Automation is a significant aspect of modern technology. Engineering automation is the process of reducing or removing human involvement from a project while also improving its quality and performance. Marketing automation, on the other hand, pertains to software programs that execute advertising strategies. 

When treating industrial marketers as engineers, you must always keep a close eye on the changes in technology and be ready to jump in with both feet. Failing to do so may leave you eating other marketers’ dust. Automation allows you to operate more quickly. Marketing automation software aims to spare you time and help you concentrate on what matters.

Why learn from engineers?

Modern marketers must learn from engineers and be forever ready to adopt new innovations. Amazing as it might be if engineering and marketing professions merged, they’re likely to remain distinct. The real trick is learning what each can gain from the other and integrating it all into one harmonious business. For more information on engineering and marketing-related content, feel free to drop us a line!

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