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July 18, 2022

How to Adapt Your Digital Marketing Strategy to Meet the Needs of Gen-Z and Millennial Engineers

Digital marketing strategy

Marketing to Millennial and Generation-Z engineers demands some unique skills. Every good marketer knows they must engage on the level where their target audience feels most comfortable. We’re going to examine what is unique to these generations and give you pointers on improving your sales to these critical customers.

The “Generation Z” label is typically applied to those people born between 1997 and 2012. That means they’ve begun to graduate college and enter the workforce. This is the first generation of workers who grew up entirely within the digital age. You will find they’re usually technologically literate and expect to communicate digitally. Gen-Z engineers tend to be flexible and often figure out creative ways to get their work done.

Millennials preceded Gen Z, with birth years running from roughly 1981 to 1996. Even the youngest among them have aged into the workforce by now. As children and young adults, this group saw and experienced the technological revolution; they learned to adapt to a rapid pace of advancement no prior generation had seen. Though derided in popular media, Millenials do understand the importance of hard work and improvisation. Many of their defining characteristics are what make them good engineers. You’re likely to find your Millennial customers are forward-thinking, creative, enthusiastic, and analytical.

Marketers as Engineers

How to adapt your digital marketing strategy to meet the needs of Gen-Z engineers

These tips will help you develop a more successful digital marketing strategy for Gen–Z engineers.

1. Make your brand mobile-friendly

Digital marketing strategy Gen Z could be called the first cell phone generation. Many got their first mobile phone between the ages of 11 and 13 and can scarcely recall a time before smartphones. Since Gen Z does so much of its internet browsing on phones, you’re likely to get plenty of traffic from those platforms. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, your SEO rankings will be severely limited. Spend the extra time and money to optimize your website for mobile navigation so Gen-Z engineers can reach you more easily.

2. Build social media profiles that Gen-Z engineers will want to follow

Gen Z is composed of digital natives, so it should come as no surprise that social media influences their purchasing decisions. Use strategies tailored to engage young engineers on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Some apps, like Instagram, have remained popular among Generation Z and other platforms are trending toward similar, more visually focused experiences as well. Create short narratives that mesh with young people’s tendency to switch between apps.

3. Optimize for every platform

There’s a tendency among Generation Z to maintain accounts across multiple platforms. They’ll notice if you repeat your content. Try not to, for example, crosspost identical items on both Facebook and Instagram. Instead, tailor your engineering content to suit each specific platform.

4. Build a video marketing strategy

Gen Z watches a lot of video content. That means that you can create videos yourself to reach more eyes but it also means you have to compete with very professionally filmed content. You shouldn’t shy away from moving pictures, but don’t phone it in either. Include your videos on your website, social media, and even email marketing campaigns, but don’t bother targeting Gen Z via radio or television. Properly executed, a video marketing strategy will expand interaction, build brand loyalty, and enhance your firm’s standing.

5. Do something engaging

Humans love to be recognized and valued. But while companies rarely interacted directly with buyers in the past, modern marketers have embraced the value of building genuine relationships with customers. Gen Z grew up with that, so they expect it. Create two-way conversations over social media and engage influential engineering figures. Members of Gen Z tend to place weight on the opinions of their successful peers.

6. Be socially responsible

The members of Generation Z are strongly motivated by personal convictions. They are, by and large, willing to ignore and boycott companies that act irresponsibly or maliciously toward their interests. To gather a loyal Gen-Z base, build social responsibility into your brand. There are upfront costs to reducing fossil fuels, planting forests, donating to cancer research, etc., but the long-term payoff comes in the form of loyal customers who view you as a force for good rather than merely a corporate logo.

7. Brand authenticity

Young generations expect even corporate entities to live by good core values. Many of the digital marketing strategy ideas above contribute to the slow process of building brand authenticity. You must be consistent in your values and highlight not only your product but the human element of your company. Communicate with your Gen-Z customers, listen to them, and demonstrate your core values through actions. The authenticity will pay off in the end and may create a better environment for your own employees as well.

How to adapt your digital marketing strategy to meet the needs of Millennial engineers

The following tips will help you develop a more successful digital marketing strategy for Millennial engineers.

1. Design your website for ease of navigation

Digital marketing strategy Your website serves as an online storefront for your engineering firm. It needs to look attractive and function well. This aids all your customers, but Millennials may be the ones who access your site the most. Research long, specific keywords that their demographic is likely to google and bake those into your web pages. The keywords should describe who you are and what you do as a company. Focus each page on informing rather than advertising, and you’ll be well on your way to attracting Millennial engineers.

2. Maintain a strong presence on social media

Millennial engineers use social media regularly. They communicate with one another through social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. Naturally, those outlets make a good focus for your advertising efforts. However, direct, sales-centric marketing over social media can often backfire. Instead, develop a consistent and interesting presence where you can easily share content with followers. Offer them useful data that demonstrates your expertise. They can then come to the conclusion themselves that you are worth considering. Your focus should be on building relationships rather than sales.

3. Use retargeting to create personalized ads

Retargeting marketing will help you out with all online demographics. Any time visitors view your website and accept browser cookies, they give you the opportunity to retarget them later on. Your digital advertisements can then start showing up in the ad bars of other websites they visit. Your brand will then be on the top of those prospects’ minds, so they’re more likely to turn your way when they decide they need to purchase.

4. Establish a strong brand identity

That should focus on who you are, what you do, and the type of people you wish to attract. Millennial engineers respond well to relatable businesses. It’s often a good idea to approach them with a casual or informal tone. That will spark a more familiar and comfortable mood. Only after you gain their confidence will they become paying customers.

5. Engage your customers

When your customers are engaged, they actively participate in your marketing with you. They feel like they have a stake in what happens and get motivated to be a part of it. Traditional marketing only leaves them as passive outsiders. All the tips listed above can join forces to better engage with your Millennial customers. Create opportunities for them to leave reviews, respond to feedback, and build up your company’s integrity. Show that you have nothing to hide. More engagement and sales will follow. Your efforts can extend beyond a mere marketing plan and morph into a wider business strategy that will keep your company strong for years.

Effective digital marketing strategy for Gen-Z and Millennial engineers

It takes time and research to build an effective digital marketing strategy to match your target audience. The approaches for Gen-Z and Millennial engineers will share many commonalities, but you’ll need to recognize their distinguishing features as well. Keep the above advice in mind during all your strategic planning. The effort will pay off in the long run. If you need help writing engineering content that will appeal to modern generations, contact us today.

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