EngineeringClicks Hit 50,000+ Unique Page Views with Top Performing Blogs from Engineering Copywriter


Gareth Weeks, Founder of EngineeringClicks discusses how posting regular content has driven organic website traffic and freed up time.


Engineering Clicks found it frustrating and time consuming to manage multiple freelance writers and ensure submitted work met the required style and formatting. This led to extra management duties and took time away from core business activities.

Working With
Engineering Copywriter

Engineering Copywriter produced content on a set schedule. This ensured fully-edited engineering blogs were delivered in a standardized format with Yoast SEO that required minimal time to approve, reducing the time and effort spent on management.


EngineeringClicks have freed up precious time that had been spent managing content. At the time of writing, the 20 top-performing articles from Engineering Copywriter have produced in excess of 50,000 unique page views (UPVs), with many articles sustaining 4-5 minutes of page time.

“Engineering Copywriter have produced in excess of 30 articles for us so far. Each and every article supplied has been of excellent quality. The team always goes an extra mile to make sure that we are 100% happy with the result.”

Engineering Clicks is the No.1 mechanical design engineering portal on the web. They publish regular high-quality content in the engineering niche, and have a very active members forum and directory.
In addition, they’ve built up sizable communities on Linkedin and other social media for engineers across the industry.
This is great for business, but also means that they need to continually publish fresh, regular, engineering blogs for
their readers.

What are the problems with managing multiple writers?

Engineering Clicks tried several methods of sourcing content, and ultimately found themselves managing several freelance writers and editors. Even though they were able to source knowledgeable writers who could create original content, managing them became a headache.

The time taken to organize basic tasks like assigning briefs, juggling writer and editor availability, managing deadlines, checking SEO requirements, and proofreading final submissions turned into a management nightmare. Even ensuring writers followed basic style and formatting guidelines became a challenge during busy periods.

What did that mean for the business?

With the time spent managing writers and schedules, it meant there was very little time to research and plan new engineering blogs, let alone to take care of the core business tasks essential for any thriving business. Managing multiple writers clearly wasn’t working.

“We ended up spending an excessive amount of time managing freelance writers and editors, when we really needed to be focusing on our business objectives and growth strategy”.

It was around this time that Gareth approached Engineering Copywriter for support.

How did Engineering Copywriter help?

One of Engineering Copywriter’s core goals is to alleviate this time sap that engineering companies face. They help by employing their in-house team of engineers to professionally produce, proofread, and present content with a consistent format and tone. From this centralized position they can manage and submit the content on schedule.

Figure 1. Engineering Clicks landing page showing content produced by the team at Engineering Copywriter.

Project managers oversee the whole process from writer brief through final submission, and deal with all the parts that clients don’t have time for, including checks every step along the way.

Gareth was very relieved to find a team he could trust to take care of this:

“The service Engineering Copywriter provides is very professional and personal at the same time. Dean has a diverse team of writers, each with their unique strengths. He is great at selecting the right ones for the job, managing them effectively, and producing content on time and on budget.”

What results did Engineering Clicks see?

“The results of this partnership speak for themselves: in 2019, the cumulative organic traffic drawn to our site by the content produced by Engineering Copywriter exceeded
50,000 unique page views (UPV).”
Figure 2. Graph showing Unique Page Views and average time on page for the 20 top-performing posts that Engineering Copywriter produced for Engineering Clicks.

As illustrated in the graph, the top performing posts had approximately 4-5 minutes of average time spent on the pages, demonstrating great reader engagement.

All engineering blogs and articles are produced with SEO in mind. Engineering Copywriter works to ensure that each article focuses on the primary keyword to meet Yoast SEO criteria.

Engineering Copywriter were also able to assist in posting each blog from the back-end of the EngineeringClicks website, to ensure that all formatting and standards were preserved, and that Yoast SEO is green.

This managed service has proven to be a massive time saver for the EngineeringClicks team.

Figure 3. Image showing one of the many blogs Engineering Copywriter has produced for Gareth’s business.

When asked if he’d recommend the engineering content writing service to others, Gareth didn’t hesitate:

Would you recommend the Engineering Copywriter service?

“Yes definitely. We would absolutely recommend Engineering Copywriter to any engineering business that is aiming for a higher position among web search results. You can rely on them for quality, consistency, personal service, and perfect time keeping.”

If you want to drive more organic traffic to your engineering website with regular, high-quality content that frees up your time, get in touch today.