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April 1, 2022

Common Website Mistakes Engineering Firms Must Avoid

Common Website Mistakes

The digital world is, by nature, in a constant state of transformation. As a digital marketer, you should make sure that your online promotion methods are tailored to meet your target market’s demands. Never assume that your online marketing strategies are working perfectly – everything can be improved and it’s never good to get complacent. Part of doing smart business is avoiding  mistakes that can heap unnecessary expenses on your business.

Managing your company’s online presence is not a trivial task, but some common website mistakes are well documented. When establishing a business website it is vital that you perform good market research to avoid preventable mistakes. So, what are the most prevalent website mistakes that engineering firms should avoid? Read on to find out.

Marketers as Engineers

1. Failure to post blog content regularly

Common Website Mistakes

Figure 1. Number of websites from 1991-2022

Of the roughly 1.9 billion websites on record in 2022, about 200 million are active. Both the total number of sites and the inactivity rate can sound shocking. Either way, though, it’s clear that your website needs to stand out from the competition. One surefire way to do so is by putting out new engineering articles on a regular basis and linking to them from similarly active social platforms.

A Hubspot survey found that, of the businesses they work with, those that blog generate 68% more leads each month than those that do not. The following are some of the advantages of building a consistent blog habit into your content marketing plan:

  •      –  Blogs enhance website traffic
  •      –  Posts are typically social media-friendly by nature
  •      –  The work helps you learn how search engine results pages work

2. Failure to take advantage of email and SMS marketing potentials

Common Website Mistakes

Figure 2. Number of emails sent and received per day worldwide

Nearly every day, hundreds of billions of emails get exchanged around the globe. An effective email marketing strategy can help increase conversions by sending useful lead magnets from your website right to your subscribers’ inboxes. Sending emails to engineers keeps your products and services on their minds. You can increase the number of people who open your emails by doing the following:

  •      –  Making your emails mobile-friendly
  •      –  Integrating call to action (CTA) within your content
  •      –  Using social media links that are unique to you
  •      –  Creating compelling topic lines
  •      –  Using SMS marketing to complement email marketing

3. Underutilized social media 

Content marketers can increase brand awareness for free using social media channels, yet these options are remarkably underutilized. Establish a social media presence if you do not already have one. And if you’ve got one but don’t post often, now would be the right time to start.

Aside from posting graphics and videos to your social media handles, you can also post snippets of your latest engineering blog posts to your profile. Make sure to include a link back to your website so that your audience can easily access the full article. Additionally, make sure to engage with readers who comment and interact with your social media posts.

4. Failure to follow SEO principles

Common Website Mistakes Today’s internet is ruled by “the algorithm.” The only way to be seen on a large scale is to follow the principles of search engine optimization. If you don’t, you won’t reach much of your target audience.

Your engineering website will rank poorly in search results if you disregard relevant SEO principles such as keyword usage, meta tags, meta descriptions, and hyperlinks.

Optimizing your internal and external links can compound the benefits of implementing SEO to your engineering website. It takes time both to execute and to feel the effects, but consistent adherence to SEO principles will give your marketing endeavors favorable long-term results.

5. Irrelevant content publishing

Even after putting a lot of energy into creating well-written, SEO-friendly articles that are backed up by trustworthy sources, your task isn’t quite done. Your content marketing plan will still fail if you don’t understand your target audience. Marketers must forever remember that it is their audience – not their team – who decides whether or not your engineering content is great. If you want visitors to read and engage with it, you need to appeal to their interests. 

When content creators take the time to learn about their target audience, their content can do more than occupy the page. The right content genuinely makes a lasting impact. To do it right, identify and establish your buyer persona and tailor your content to fit those specific needs.

6. A lack of content objectives

All content marketers should aim to raise brand recognition, increase website traffic, and create tailored content for a particular audience. Below are the steps to defining content goals:

  •      –  Establish a buyer persona
  •      –  Generate relevant keywords depending on their search queries
  • Identify the content they require and write in a manner that resonates with those specific engineering readers

Additionally, you need a strategy for determining where and how often to post. The frequency with which you need to publish blog entries depends on your readership and their interests. All these details can be reflected in your content plan to ensure the on-time and effective production of engineering content.

7. Failure to respond to customer outreach

Web ok You probably know how discouraging it is to get complaints about your customer service representatives or angry letters about your customers’ disappointment. However, in this age of social media, it’s common for disgruntled customers to air their problems publicly.

According to the 2020 National Consumer Rage Study, the rate of customer complaints lodged via digital platforms had increased in the preceding three years while fewer people complained in person or over the phone. Failure to provide good responses to customer outreach can pose serious problems.

Ignoring unhappy clients isn’t a good business move. Prospective engineering customers want to interact with the brands they use. Therefore, if they see a lot of unresolved negative comments, they treat it as a red flag and are far less likely to give that firm their money. 

Your best option is to respond with genuine concern that a client’s needs haven’t been addressed. Work to steer the irritated engineering customer away from the public site and into a private place where you can address the problem. Finally, make sure you do, indeed, address the issue. Otherwise, they’re likely to head right back to the public space.

8. A poor call to action

Your call to action (CTA) is the entrance to your company. It instructs your engineering customers to act. The CTA must suggest to visitors what you want them to do but shouldn’t beat them over the head with it. Make it clear what information you need and what they will gain in return. 

However, there is a fine line between being helpful and being obnoxious. Ensure your CTA is clear and directs engineering customers to the right action. Restrict form-filling to a bare minimum and allow visitors 5 seconds on the page before displaying the CTA.

Avoid making these mistakes 

Great websites are well-structured and well-organized. They are professional and tailored specifically for a target market. As an industrial marketer, it is your responsibility to make sure that the company’s web presence turns into a valuable investment. If you are looking to hire an engineering writer to optimize your content, contact us today.

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