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October 4, 2021

The Benefits of Blogging Regularly and Often for an Engineering Target Market

Business blogging has always been about creating engaging content that attracts an audience, establishes authority, builds rapport and engagement, and creates sales opportunities. It provides a variety of benefits for businesses who want to improve their reach and boost sales. A survey conducted by the content marketing institute shows that 73% of B2B marketers find blog posts/articles as the most effective type of content for buyers in the early stage of their buyer’s journey. This also applies for an engineering target market.

Image Source :  Content Marketing Institute

Engineers are often tasked to make buying decisions for manufacturing companies. In many cases, they are the key influencers when it comes to purchasing machines, tools, hardware, and parts. Following that, marketers need to consider an engineer’s content-consumption habits. According to a survey from, 84% of engineers prefer to consume digital publication content and average 10 hours per week researching on the web.

Let’s take a deeper look at the important benefits of blogging regularly.



1. Build trust in your brand.

Engineers are wired to think critically, and tend to pay more attention to details and aren’t easily swayed by fancy marketing tactics. But, if you regularly provide valuable content they are more likely to trust your opinions and recommendations because they get a broader sense of who you are as an organization and how you solve problems. According to a recent poll, 90% of engineers are more likely to do business with companies that produce regular new content than those that don’t.

Consistently publishing blog posts asserts your company’s authority as an industry leader and a subject matter expert (SME). It makes your company the ‘go-to’ resource for engineers who are looking for answers to technical issues they face in the workplace.

2. Add value for your engineering target market.

One of the great benefits of blogging is that it provides you an opportunity to offer useful information to your customers. You can do that by giving them free and valuable information instead of selling your products or services. A recent survey from IEEE Global Spec says that 56% of engineers find supplier/vendor websites to be valuable sources of information. Engineers know that despite relying on their own perspectives on making buying decisions, there is a more knowledgeable salesperson that can help them learn more about a product. If you overdo your sales pitch, however, you’re likely to turn them off.

Blogging gives brands a chance to connect to your existing and potential customers conversationally. Give your engineering target market engaging content to consume and allow them to comment on your posts. An active comment section provides you the opportunity to start a conversation with your readers.

3. Rank higher in search engine results with organic SEO

Blogging drives traffic to your website, so you can increase your viewership by consistently creating articles that are fully optimized for search engines. Major search engines like google love fresh and relevant content and are more likely to show results from frequent publishers. Surveys suggest 75% of users don’t scroll beyond page one of the search results, and this applies to your engineering target market as well.

Image Source :  Scoop.It

This means that, as an industrial marketer who wants many blog hits, your goal is to rank and be featured on the search engine’s first page. Optimizing your company blog means more than just ranking on specific keywords and increasing your domain authority. It is a long-term organic SEO tactic to make your business visible above your competition.

4. Build an email list for future marketing touchpoints.

Blogging is a great opportunity to collect email addresses from interested prospects. Many industrial marketers put in user-friendly pop-ups to let visitors enter their contact details to subscribe to email newsletters or download lead magnets such as ebooks and white papers. These users can then be added to your marketing funnel where you can send more communications and promotions.

According to a survey from IEEE Globalspec, 47% of engineers subscribe to three to five e-newsletters while 18% subscribe to six or more. If you consistently publish new content that is rich in valuable information, you have more chances of getting engineers to subscribe to your newsletters, providing you more opportunities to convert your engineering target market into buying customers.

5. Convert leads.

Blogs that update frequently not only generate organic SEO traffic but also create leads. Most engineers’ buying journeys start with early research online. Based on recent studies, 65% of engineers consult multiple vendor/supplier websites before talking to a salesperson.

Image Source :  Trewmarketing

A company can benefit from a blog throughout the four stages of capturing customers:

  • – Awareness stage – the relationship between you and your engineering target market begins. They first hear about your company, brand, product, and service.
  • – Engagement stage – your target markets start reading your content, sharing your content on social media and interacting with you by commenting on your posts.
  • – Consideration/evaluation stage – when they are looking for an item, engineers will consider your product or service. At this stage, engineers will assess the features of your product to decide if it fits their long-term needs.
  • – Decision/purchase stage – engineers will now make their final decision whether or not to buy your products or avail of your services.

By blogging, you play an assertive role in their buying journey by guiding engineers throughout these stages. Your counsel can come in various forms, such as blog posts on tips, ‘how-to’ guides, case studies, and testimonials. This type of blog content will help push through the lead conversion process without directly selling them a product or a service.



6. Increase brand awareness and visibility.

Brand awareness and visibility are important marketing elements. They occur when people remember a brand the moment they see its logo or company name. One of the most effective strategies to achieve brand awareness is to be consistent in all platforms.

If you produce fresh and helpful content regularly, it will encourage engineers to spend time on your website, especially in the early stages of their buyer’s journey. If you have multiple levels in your engineering target market such as several positions in the company, you can develop your buyer personas and create content targeted specifically to them.

One thing that you must remember is that blogging success doesn’t happen overnight. If you don’t get the desired results in a month or two, that’s all right. As long as you make your company blog a priority by providing consistent high-quality content, results will happen and you’ll get those conversions! If you need help in creating great content for your engineering target market, check out our blog products here, or contact us!

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