Why Av-DEC Reached Out to Engineering Copywriter
to Produce Technical Copywriting for their new Website.


Business Development Executive at Av-DEC discusses technical copywriting challenges, and how Engineering Copywriter helped lighten the load.


Av-DEC needed to overhaul their website to present their engineering solutions in a more modern format. They had gathered info from various departments, but didn’t have anyone to bring it all together in a cohesive and engaging manner.

Working With
Engineering Copywriter

Engineering Copywriter worked closely with Av-DEC to plan and produce over 40 pages of technical copywriting for their new website. Consistency and an authoritative voice cast both the Av-DEC brand and its products in the best possible light.


The company launched its new website on schedule with the aid of Engineering Copywriter. The time saved by hiring outside experts was substantial, and meant that Av-DEC could get on with other important tasks without the headache of writing copy.

“Engineering Copywriter was able to optimize the copy of our new website, deliver better information to search engines, and ensure our content was properly indexed and displayed.”

Av-DEC Aviation Devices & Electronic Components, LLC is based in Fort Worth, Texas, and manufactures corrosion-prevention sealants for the aerospace industry.

The Need for a New Website...

As Av-DEC evolved and advanced, they needed to align their media presence with the company’s core capabilities. Their website needed the proper format, visuals, and text to highlight their products and technology in a manner befitting a fast-moving aviation leader.

The content of the old website was lackluster, and didn’t maximize the company’s potential to connect with new customers. Since a website is the public face of a modern business and reflects its overall credibility, Av-DEC knew that bringing theirs up to date would be crucial to their future success.

…..but who would produce
the new website copy?

The problem Av-DEC faced in creating a new website is a common one, especially in the engineering sector.

Av-DEC’s employees have a great deal of technical knowledge, ranging back over their many years of innovation, testing, designing, and manufacturing corrosion resistant sealants for aviation clients. Gathering technical information from their design, R&D, quality, sales, and maintenance departments was challenging enough, but finding someone in house to piece it all together into clear, consistent, and coherent copy was simply out of the question.

In addition to the skills required for such an important project, Av-DEC understood what it would cost in terms of resources and work-hours. Attempting to produce technical copywriting in house would draw important personnel away from their day-to-day duties.

Since that didn’t seem like the optimal use of internal resources, their Content Manager, Yanni Clark, reached out to Engineering Copywriter for help.

“Engineering Copywriter took the time to understand our company, our products and our intentions for the new website, and helped to produce a stronger online presence that has generated the results we needed.”

How did Engineering Copywriter Help?

Av-DEC had done a great job of planning their website and collating key data in the form of briefs – an essential step in a project
of this scope. Engineering Copywriter took their time discussing requirements with the Av-DEC team, and diving deep into the details in those briefs.

A collaborative planner was set up to organize, arrange, and communicate how each of the 40+ webpages of technical copywriting should work together.
All personnel involved in the project had access to the planner in order to streamline the whole process. The open access ensured everyone stayed informed.

Figure 1: The collaborative planner that Engineering Copywriter uses for its projects, showing a selection of Av-DEC webpages and relevant details.

Since the writers at Engineering Copywriter have backgrounds in engineering, it didn’t take long for them to get up to speed. In fact, very few revisions were needed on the initial drafts, and once the tone of voice and objectives of those first pages were refined and approved, the team was able to work steadily through the rest of the content in the eight weeks that followed.

Following their standard procedures, Engineering Copywriter’s project manager assigned and reviewed writing, proofreading, and quality checks throughout. This centralized control ensured that all content was systematically composed and delivered according to the same consistent standards. When the final website went live, that consistency would be important.

Communication lines were always open between Av-DEC and Engineering Copywriter, allowing both sides to develop a very strong and trusting relationship. This meant the project was completed on time, standards were met, and everyone involved was satisfied with the results.

Figure 2: A screenshot of some of the new website copy from one of Av-DEC’s many product pages.

What was the Outcome for Av-DEC?

“Engineering Copywriter was able to improve multiple aspects of our entire content strategy
– most notably the verbiage and impact on SEO.”

Av-DEC’s new website has gone live, and the team is extremely pleased with both the technical copywriting and the overall new look.

According to Yanni, “Engineering Copywriter was able to optimize our site’s content, and help to deliver better information to search engines to ensure our content was properly indexed and displayed within search results. They customized our webpages to be engaging, technical, and appealing to a wide audience… They took the time to understand our company, our products and our intentions for the new website, and helped to produce a stronger online presence that has generated the results we needed.”

Figure 3 - Screenshot of another Av-DEC product page

What impact did the support from Engineering Copywriter have on the team and on business

The professionalism from the team at Engineering Copywriter meant that Av-DEC was able to take a much more ‘hands-off’ approach and focus on other aspects of the new website build (not to mention their day-to-day operations). This freed up valuable time and resources within the business. In addition, the engineering knowledge from a team of skilled writers meant that Av-DEC received the high-quality website copy they wanted from the outset.

Yanni had a bit more to say…

“There is nothing more captivating than an intuitive and well-crafted experience…”

“…this change was encouraging for the entire team at Av-DEC. It strengthens Av-DEC as a whole to have a website that reflects our technical and professional abilities. Both new and existing customers can now browse through the updated site, read through the refreshed content, and remain confident that Av-DEC is at the forefront of innovation for corrosion prevention.”

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