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May 9, 2022

Advantages of Outsourcing to an Engineering Case Study Writer

Case study writer

Case studies have become prominent marketing tools in modern engineering practice. At all levels of the marketing funnel, they can be utilized to target customers and other firms. Case studies are great tools for producing high-quality leads – at least when done correctly. This is perhaps the reason why they are the most prevalent type of gated content, surpassing eBooks and online seminars. 

As an industrial marketer, you will face a foundational question when you decide to produce case studies: do you write it yourself, delegate the task to an in-house employee, or outsource it to an external case study writer? 

What are the benefits of outsourcing? After all, you may be the expert on your product, so why wouldn’t you write it yourself? Here are eight significant reasons why case study writing should be left to the pros.

1. They’re objective and interested in all of the facts

Case study writer The goal of an engineering case study writer is to present your firm as a reliable institution that offers a reputable product or service. Unlike many marketing methods, case studies do this using logic rather than emotion. That single fact places case studies in a very different category. However, since you’re personally engaged with your firm and what it offers, it may be difficult to separate yourself from the product you work with. This tends to make you a less-than-optimal writer for a case study.

Regardless of how objective you try to be, bias will inevitably leak into your content. An experienced B2B customer will spot that from a mile away. A professional engineering case study writer, on the other hand, does not share your relationship with the product. That can sound worrying on the surface, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t look out for your best interests. It simply means they’ll be better able to take a step back, consider all sides of a problem, and establish value assessments. As a result, the case study will sound far more trustworthy.

2. They understand how to make a convincing case

Although case studies are not intended to be overt sales pitches, the goal is still to guide readers toward buying. Case studies aim to give the customer concrete examples of what makes your product worthwhile. They accomplish this by constructing a compelling case that yours is the best option on the market. Any worthwhile case study will focus on what engineers value. It should:

    • –  Avoid assumptions
      –  Cite verifiable facts
      –  Provide evidence
      –  Create content that flows logically from start to finish

All these points will be second nature to a practiced case study writer.

3. They will take into account all of your marketing objectives and efforts

From your perspective as an industrial marketer, a case study is meant to help sell your business. Its objective is to assist marketers in meeting marketing objectives and generating results. However, it can only do so if it works in tandem with your other marketing efforts. You don’t want to draft your study only to realize it’s the wrong kind of content for your objectives. Outsourcing your case study can actually help you match the writing to your specific targets.

Seasoned engineering case study writers are aware that there is a larger marketing vision behind every content marketing campaign. As such, they will do a deep dive with you ahead of time to make sure they understand your objectives and will provide you with appropriate advice. They’ll ensure your case study aligns with the rest of your marketing plan. If it does not, they will suggest other options.

4. They’re more than just case study writers 

While case studies themselves seem straightforward, the process a case study writer must go through to produce one is far more complex. It’s unquestionably more difficult than producing an engineering blog, a sales letter, or even most eBooks. As a result, a case study project could involve an entire team, from subject matter experts, in-house analysts, and auditors to developers and engineers. Planners, content marketers, researchers, writers, project managers, and timekeepers all have important perspectives that case study writers must learn. As a result, good writers understand how to work methodically, catalog their findings, and collaborate with a variety of different disciplines. Those abilities are incredibly beneficial in creating effective case studies that convert.

5. They have excellent writing skills

Case study writer This is perhaps an obvious point, but it bears repeating. Engineering case study writers are professional communicators; they have the ability to write clearly and concisely. Writing abilities go beyond punctuation and grammar. It is more about being able to communicate in a way that your target customers expect and understand. Non-professional engineering case study writers may find it difficult to effectively explain the study’s setup, the challenge, and the engineering solution. Nothing frustrates a customer more than an uninteresting, poorly written case study.

6. They are good planners and researchers

A great case study that hits your target customers just right might take days, if not weeks, to complete. It demands meticulous preparation, extensive research, a well-organized methodology, and adequate processing time. Among the most significant benefits of outsourcing to expert engineering case study writers is the fact that they are excellent organizers and planners. They’ll get started on your task by putting together a strategy to tackle the subject. This plan outlines the content structure, the data needed to draft the engineering case study, and the interview questions to get a sense of how the process works and the issues that were overcome.

7. They can assist you in determining a case study topic and format

It’s one thing to decide on creating a case study. A bigger challenge is deciding on the topic. Your final product needs to offer customers a solution to a prominent problem. An engineering case study writer can assist you in selecting the appropriate topic and layout.  What layout you use depends a lot on the business objective of your case study and whether you’re angling for the peak, center, or end of the marketing funnel.

8. They will be able to devote their full attention to the essential writing task

When you ask someone from your own marketing team to write your case study, he or she will almost certainly have to squeeze it in among other responsibilities. However, case studies can rarely be put together in a few days. A case study takes weeks to complete. For anyone in your group, that’s going to be a significant diversion. Engineering case study writers, on the other hand, will not be sidetracked by their day jobs. Assembling your case study is their day job. Furthermore, they will drive hard to meet deadlines because they are competent and because they will likely want to develop an ongoing relationship with your company.

engineering case study

Outsource to an engineering case study writer today 

Creating a case study is a substantial marketing expenditure, albeit one that can pay off handsomely. Surely, the eight reasons listed above demonstrate why outsourcing to a professional writer is the most effective approach to developing a high-quality case study that you can confidently publish and market. Drop us a line if you need an engineering case study writer.

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