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April 15, 2022

8 Advantages of Having a Blog Planner for Your Engineering Blog

Content marketing is not quite as simple as it appears. If you want to transform your engineering blog into a brand powerhouse, you’ll need to do better than just write what interests your team and the management. You must plan your output ahead of time and publish it consistently regardless of the circumstances. A blog planner is a tool that helps you keep track of all of your posting details. This encompasses blog entries you’ve previously written, edited, published, and promoted, as well as those you intend to develop in the future. It’s also a wonderful spot to come up with new concepts and archive them.

A good blog planner could either be a marketing tool software or a simple excel sheet – examples are Asana, CoSchedule, and Trello. For excel sheets, it must contain the blog entry’s title, writer, objective, meta description, keyword and frequency, links, the date on when it will be published, timeline, and call to action. Your blog planner can help you build your business if you utilize it properly.

Here are the greatest advantages of using a blog planner for your engineering content:

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1. You are in charge

Blog Planner With a blog planner, you can plan out and visualize precisely how many engineering blogs you ought to publish every month. Furthermore, it acts as a cheat sheet for every post’s particular timeframe. You’ll have more influence over your articles when using the blog planner. It lets you organize your work weeks ahead of time, prepare posts in a consistent pipeline, and arrange a time for many other key blogging tasks such as arranging for guest posts.

2. Publish longer blogs

Marketers who do not adhere to a strict blog planner may publish their pieces as soon as they are finished. This, unfortunately, is not a good idea. Occasionally, you complete an engineering blog post only to realize the next day that you should have included more useful material. Editing an engineering blog post is still possible, of course. But, think about the impression it will give to your engineering readers if they notice edits the day after publication. You can avoid such revisions if your work is written ahead of time.

3. Schedule your engineering blogs

You’re probably aware that the timing of each post’s release is critical. More engineering customers will read and promote content if it is published at the right time. The optimal time to publish a blog differs based on its subject and audience. Schedule the planning and writing phases with ample wiggle room so that unforeseen delays don’t derail your publishing schedule. Learn how long the whole process takes and design your pipeline to accommodate it.

4. Conduct more in-depth research

You will have even more opportunities to focus on worthwhile content if you use a blog planner. Sometimes truly great writing demands additional research that you didn’t anticipate. In many ways, this is the biggest benefit of planning your blog entries far in advance. It’s pointless to write a lot of engineering articles if they’re not valuable to readers. Instead of rushing through a post, a properly made blog planner will afford you time to develop lists of potential resources and do more research. In the end, you can include more intriguing facts and essential details in your posts.

5. Build in more flexibility

Blog Planner Is there a company holiday soon? Or perhaps some of your team members are going on leave? It’s simple to maintain your plans if you have a blog planner. In such cases, your team can write a specific amount of posts ahead of time, queue them in the auto-poster, and relax. The program will keep track of time zones and, if necessary, release the posts while you sleep. Your engineering firm appears more active throughout the day and the weight of scheduling is off your shoulders – everybody wins!

6. Priorities are simple to set

Unexpected events are inevitable, and unanticipated duties pop up at the least opportune times. If you don’t use a blog planner, situations like that might cause a lot of worries. Misprioritization might jeopardize something more crucial than your blog. Blog planners streamline the work. When the opportunity for a timely guest posting pops up, for instance, you can consult your blog planner to determine where to fit it in.

This applies to other duties as well, even when they’re unrelated to your content marketing strategy. For instance, if the subsequent post’s deadline is far off, you could take a break for a day or two. The planner makes it easy to visualize whether you’ll be able to complete your tasks on time.

7. Produce high-quality content

Hasty writing is practically synonymous with poor writing. Research, editing, and review demand both time and concentration. Plus, your posts will always benefit if you can set them aside for a few days and return to them with fresh eyes. None of that is possible if you’re in last-minute-panic mode. Finally, the comfort from knowing you have ample time is good for your state of mind. You’ll begin to find the writing process more interesting, which will, in turn, have a positive impact on the value of your engineering blogs. Your writing abilities improve when you are able to conduct deeper research and feel comfortable.

8. You gain a better reputation

Your specific publishing timeline, be it weekly or monthly, is not the most critical factor to a successful blog. What matters most to your engineering customers is that you produce content regularly and on a consistent schedule. Your readers will be pleased and your image will thrive when you follow a regular posting schedule. People appreciate knowing what to anticipate from you, and you appear more trustworthy when you follow through on your schedule.

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Why blog planning?

An effective blog planner helps you stay coordinated by allowing you to create a comprehensive content plan and tailor it to your specific requirements. The planner will also show you ways to meet deadlines and plan ahead. However, most importantly, it simplifies a large portion of the blogging work by removing the guesswork, building a predictable routine, and enabling you to concentrate on other vital aspects of your engineering blog. Try using a blog planner as a starting point today, and it will undoubtedly improve your content marketing success. Contact us today if you need help with your engineering content.

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