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February 28, 2022

10 Elements of Good Web Copy That Compel Engineers to Read

Web Copy

Web copy is the leading force behind the digital performance, advertising, and commerce of engineering firms. Web copy facilitates and enables you to connect with clients, move customers along a marketing channel, and eventually complete sales. To stand out and connect with your customers, your engineering website needs more than just a great design. Your content is crucial too.  

Creating web copy for an engineering blog can be difficult since it requires a type of technical writing that sets it apart from regular blogs. Knowing and employing the key elements of good web copy will help your engineering website capture visitors’ interest and convert them into customers.

1. Prioritize what’s important

Web Copy The majority of readers have a definite objective in mind when they visit your engineering blog. They want to learn something or perform an activity. Most will leave if you do not deliver what they’re after. That means you will need to:

  •      –  Place call-to-action elements (such as login areas) prominently
  •      –  Prioritize the most critical content in your web copy such as product/service information. 
  •      –  Include the business name and logo
  •      –  Place the business contact information where it can be easily found
  •      –  Create catchy headings

2. Make use of language that engineers understand

Writing web content for engineers requires a high degree of professionalism and background knowledge to show expertise. The engineers who visit your site will already have some understanding of the topic at hand. If your articles are written by an amateur who is not actually familiar with the subject, your readers will smell phony. You’ll need to use the correct engineering jargon, abbreviations, and technical terms to gain an engineer’s trust and build your professional authority.

3. Keep sentences short

Writing is a skill. Yours is a technical blog, so use words that convey your subject in the clearest and most concise way. The best practice is to limit the length of your sentences. Make a basic draft and then search for ways to split or shorten your phrases. Remove paragraphs/sentences that repeat the same ideas. Be direct and to the point. If your writing goes in circles, your engineering readers will look for another source.

4. Be readable and understandable

Engineers are always busy and won’t have the time to dissect each sentence on the web pages they find. Outline essential items to make your information easier to understand. The text’s layout plays an important role when it comes to conveying ideas to your engineering readers. Here are some pointers:

  •      –  Break up long paragraphs 
  •      –  Make use of subheadings
  •      –  Highlight essential ideas in the text by bolding them
  •      –  Make use of bullet points

5. Optimize for search engine rankings

Web Copy To rank on the first page of a search engine like Google, engineering firms must apply SEO (search engine optimization) principles throughout the writing process. This means working on your:

  •      –  Keyword selection
  •      –  Internal and external links
  •      –  Meta-descriptions
  •      –  Title tags

Like any other blog, and engineering blog should also aim to top the first page of their target keywords’ results. Reaching the first page translates to more clicks and more chances of getting read by your target market. Publishing SEO-friendly content and providing a user-friendly website sends a clear signal to search engines that your website and its content are of high quality.

6. Present clear and relevant visuals

Pairing the textual content on your site with graphic components has numerous advantages. According to research, consumers recall more data if it was presented along with relevant visuals. Three days after viewing, the average consumer could recall 65% of visually accompanied data compared to only 10% when no visuals were included.

Engineers have learned to expect visual information whenever they explore websites because graphic content dominates the modern internet. Visitors who access your website on smartphones, in particular, want to see more than bare text. Most prefer visual features that help them process the information better.

7. Adopt a conversational-yet-authoritative tone 

Your online copy acts as both a salesperson and a client service agent. Although a webpage can’t supplant actual conversation, make an effort to create a realistic and engaging introduction as possible. Avoid generic explanations and excessively sales web copy. Instead, write as if you’re having a real conversation and giving relevant information to your engineering readers. 

8. Showcase thought leadership

Web Copy

Write in such a way that demonstrates your authority on the topic. Use a confident tone and present your ideas comprehensively. Concentrate on words that convey confidence in your service or product. That confidence will broadcast both your expertise and the capability of your products.

9. Tell a story

It’s all too easy for web copy to become boring. It can also come out as overly salesy. One method to prevent both is to become a storyteller. Narrate a story that will keep readers interested while also providing accurate and relevant content.

10. Use pleasant communication

Concentrate on utilizing positive statements. After all, you want visitors to perceive your website in a positive light. When seeking to resolve clients’ problems, it’s easy for content writers to stray into negativity. Always proofread your copy to catch those missteps. 

A good communication strategy can be an effective tool for demonstrating people’s desire for an item or brand. Focus 90% of your online text on the positive aspects of your service, rather than the negative aspects of not getting it.

Why good web copy matters

Web copy remains an incredibly effective tool for communicating with your customers and encouraging them to take action. Copy must be simple to understand and help you achieve your business goals in order to convert prospects into customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance in creating compelling web copy for your engineering readers.

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